Day 87: What Are Human Rights?

What are human rights if they do not include the right to live a dignified life?

Why would one person want to deny another's basic rights? It seems that we are willing to deny the rights of another if it means that our personal interests will somehow be affected, yet when the positions are reversed we are the ones who demand our basic rights - it doesn't make sense. Why deny another person's rights at all? Oh right, because they are apparently lazy while I worked really hard for everything I have and it's simply not fair for them to be provided for - so they shouldn't get anything at all. So basically, jealousy is what makes people actually want to keep others in poverty, because it would be "unfair" for some to receive support while others have to work.

The funny thing is that if we were to all come together and develop a system that was mutually beneficial to everyone, then issues such as these would not exist as people would do what is required to live and would develop a strong "sense of community" in that they would work together to ensure that the group as a whole thrives. Where is the poverty in this?

But, it seems as if people actually want to keep living the way they do, we want to hold on to our nasty natures and make sure that no poverty-stricken street scum ever receives any support so that they may actually live a life of dignity. We absolutely should not teach our children to work together and develop their teamwork and communication skills because that would mean that they would start living with consideration of other beings instead of just themselves. That's just wrong.

Lord forbid we treat other people as we would want to be treated - they would just take advantage of our kindness and live off of us like leeches. Obviously living as examples would never work, people are just too selfish - so I must be selfish too and look out for myself first. Developing trust and communication is just too inconceivable - it's downright impossible. It's in our natures to protect ourselves.

I mean really, a doctor trains for years and years and now you're telling me that someone without a job should be given a comfortable life just because it is their right as life?!? Are you proposing that a street sweeper be paid the same as a surgeon?!? Ridiculous! People become doctors for the MONEY, not because they want to help other people!!! And it is impossible to develop automated machines to sweep streets, or for people to take responsibility for a small area around their residence, such as verges and such - that's what those dirty community service ruffians are for.

Now don't you go trying to blame our economic system for poverty - our free market economy has given us our freedom! It gives us the opportunity to make money and therefore live comfortably. This slump in hiring is just a phase - the economy is a well oiled machine and it will recover and all those bums and street kids will go to the shelters when their funding is started up again. Guns are more important at this sensitive and dangerous time. Revolutionists and terrorists are around every corner, you know.

In any case, poverty exists only because those people are too lazy to get real jobs. Being an orphan and growing up on the street is no excuse, they just don't have any sense of discipline or responsibility. They're pretty much like stray dogs, try to help them and they bite your hand off - or steal your food. Those dirty little thieves. We should just round them all up and send them off to go work in some remote corner of the world - that will teach them the value of hard work.

Self forgiveness to continue tomorrow