Day 79: I Am Activist - Part 2

What is the goal of every activist? To make a change.

How many activists make a small change in the world? A few.

How many activists have changed the world completely, or have even promoted a permanent and global solution? Not many.

What effect does veganism and protesting have? Not much.

So then why do activists continue these ineffective methods? That's the question, isn't it...

What's the point of being an activist if you are not committed to a global solution? What's the point if you only expect to treat our world's gaping wounds with plasters? Can one then truly say that one "cares deeply" and "abhors violence and cruelty" if one is not wholly committed to a permanent and all-encompassing change?

If one is truly determined to make a difference, it is not enough to simply call oneself an Activist and protest every now and then and be a vegan. One can not simply reject that which one dislikes - it is not enough.

Rejecting animal cruelty but accepting one's beliefs of what human nature is is contradictory, as that which we have accepted and allowed to become human nature is that which drives the cruelty and also the compassion in our actions.

In order to change the world we must all change who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become - we can no longer pick and choose which aspects of our system we like and dislike, as the system functions as a whole, to accept one part is to accept the whole.

Unfortunately for us, the system's influence has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Romance is simply one way to brainwash the masses, and for those who are not partial to romance there are many other things: sports, science fiction, fashion, careers, socializing - these things are all used to distract us from actually stopping to look around us at the mess we have created. We would much rather think of our new love interest and fantasize about that first touch than consider that there is so much wrong in the world.

So what good does being an activist really do? Where is there any activism group promoting a permanent solution? How far are activists willing to go for a REAL and permanent solution? You just don't see it! It does not exist.

So then what is the real reason for one calling oneself an Activist?

I forgive myself for not realizing I have justified my inaction of being a true activist by thinking that "what could I possibly do to make a global change?".

I forgive myself for not realizing that I have created my character of Activist partly due to the guilt I feel for not making an effort to make a real change in our world.

I forgive myself for seeking validation from other Activist characters to make me feel like I am important and brave and special for "trying to change the world" by all of our Activist characters complimenting each other and reassuring each other that we are "good people".

I forgive myself for not realizing that true activism involves doing whatever is necessary to create a new world through first investigating self to deconstruct the pre-programmed responses and nature of Me as a Human.

I forgive myself for not realizing that I have meticulously chosen every attribute for my Activist character, as one would in a role playing game where one designs ones' "hero" character.

I forgive myself for not realizing that I have only designed the character of an Activist in order to validate my own self image.

I forgive myself for justifying being an ineffective Activist character by saying "At least I am doing something!" so that I can feel better about myself.

I forgive myself for not realizing that I designed my Activist complex based partly on my saviour complex whereby I feel good about myself when I "save" something, not realizing that if I am too busy soothing my ego to consider how to save the planet we're all going to die anyway.

I commit myself to show people that participation in thoughts that justify inaction indicates that one accepts the system as it is.

I commit myself to show people that we have become slaves to our guilt by accepting and allowing ourselves to live in such a way that we will do anything to appease it.

I commit myself to show people how the cycle and circle of characters validating each other keeps us preoccupied so that we do not consider how to clean up this mess that we have create.

I commit myself to show people how our characters are running the world.

I commit myself to showing people how we live in this life as if it is a virtual reality in which we design our character-avatar and play according to who our character is, not realizing that this world is REAL and that our virtual realities are manifest all around us.

I commit myself to show people how we are all trying to create a character that other characters will call a Hero.

I commit myself to showing that all current forms of activism are ineffectual.

I commit myself to show people that any act made to feel better about oneself and not made in the best interest of all is an indication that one is still playing the role of a character.