Day 105: What Makes Us Human (Moomans?)

So this little girl was raised by cows. She thought she was a cow. She mooed. She drank milk. She liked milk a lot. Maybe she ate grass too. Maybe her parents thought she'd grow up to be like a sheep-dog-girl. Who the fuck knows why 2 people would give their kid to cows - most people simply shouldn't have children.

Here's the real question you need to ask yourself: If a girl raised by cows thinks, acts and moos like a cow, what the fuck is it that makes us human?


Oh, the irony and so on and so forth. Unfortunately this story probably won't be read by many and will spark a curiosity in even fewer people. BUT - for those who have read the story and other similar ones, now you can really look at what it is that makes us what and who we are.

Firstly, one might think that feral kids are pretty uncommon. One would be mistaken. Look here --> and

Now, one will have learned upon reading afore-linked articles that so-called 'feral children' almost never adapt to "civilized society" and many died within a decade of being captured (still being young). Most only ever learned to speak a handful of words.

So if young children will completely absorb and become that which they see around themselves and identify themselves within and as, what does that tell us about what is going on with every child growing up in a "normal" human family? Do you then still think that you are a unique person? The only thing that makes us unique is that we are different combinations and expressions of a limited number of things made up of opinions on the most part.

You know that these feral kids even adjusted their physical bodies to copy their adoptive animal "parents"? They displayed enhanced vision, speed, hearing and curved talon-like nails. If an infant is so receptive to blending in with the environment, what makes you think that each one of us is any different?

We are shaped and molded by our parents, who were shaped and molded by theirs, who were shaped and molded by theirs and so on and so forth, with the occasional external influence great enough to show up as a blip on radar.

So are we who we are because of inherent human nature or because of what we learn from our environment? These feral kids are pretty strong evidence that shows that there is no such thing as inherent human nature. The "nature vs nurture" argument is moot. It's all nurture.

Now that it is obvious that we are shaped entirely by our parents (whatever species they may be) shouldn't it be illegal for people to have children without intense training and preparation? I have never understood the idea that just because 2 people have sex and "oopsie", out pops a baby - that they are somehow entitled to the ownership and leadership of that child. I mean seriously, being able fuck or be fucked isn't exactly the best way to determine who will be effective/abusive parents.

At least in the animal world the parenting is mostly effective - those kids are taught right. I have birthed many cats and they have always been very good mothers - aside from the occasional squished kitten, but I suspect those were on purpose.

The bottom line is that we are what we are taught to be, especially in the first few years of our lives. We are not taught to consider anything with common sense, we are taught instead to do whatever makes us happy or what makes our parents happy or what would make God happy or whatever. We are not taught to love our neighbour as ourself, we are taught that our neighbours can go fuck themselves and die if they get in our way. We are not taught to live in harmony with nature and live according to sustainability and using only what we need, but we are taught how to blow mountains up, drill really deep into the Earth, cut down forests, use pesticides and generally make a nuisance of ourselves without giving a shit. We don't even have the decency to return our shit to the Earth to be used as compost, we'd rather flush it down the toilet and think on it no more. Who knows where the poo goes?

I think this is a topic to return to once or twice or 500 times - it certainly is a big one.