Day 104: The Fallacy Of Faith

I find it somewhat amusing how we so readily believe everything we are fed by the media and society in general. Well, amusing and very, very depressing - which is a perfect example of the duality of us: humans.

We believe what we are told because we want to - that is the simple truth. We could disprove everything with just a little bit of effort and common sense, but it is so much easier and so much more comfortable to stay right here, where the man in the box and in the book tell us what to do, what to believe, what to think, how to raise our children, what's important...

It's kind of like vegans - actually exactly like vegans. I am still seeing people with the same arguments responding to my blogs (Vegans are Murderers and Roaring Vegans) and this is another attempt on my behalf to get the point through: anything and everything a person(s) does to try and change the system based on the rules of the system will fail, because the rules of the system are based on self interest, self enrichment and competition - these things will always be more important than feeding the hungry, stopping abuse, developing a trustworthy and humane food industry...

BTW, isn't it a little funny how we have embodied the word "humane" with all of the qualities that we incessantly and consistently fail to demonstrate? I find it quite odd, seeing how close "humane" is to "human".

Back to my point: thinking that veganism is a cure-all for all the wrongs in the world is the same as thinking that charities can and will end poverty, or that support groups will eventually stop addictions, or that protesting will actually change anything. None of these things are real solutions - they are fairytales that we see somewhere or read about that we choose to believe. All of these things will change only one thing: how you think and feel about you. They do not teach us how the system works - most of the time they encourage ignorance of reality by getting people to focus on only one thing or another. They do not teach us how to live in a sustainable manner with all of nature, taking into consideration that there are already so many humans alive who need to be supported. They do not teach us how to be honest with ourselves, or how to let go of our programming - they are more likely to drag us deeper into a state of not understanding ourselves.

Consider the human tendency to look to religion and spirituality for guidance or what the fuck ever. People want to believe in something enough to distract them and fool them into thinking that their life is actually worth something. What are our lives worth if we can't even make an effort to feed all of the children in the world? We'd rather be raising money for our church, or going to drumming circles, or protesting outside various institutions about some or other moral issue, after which we go home and feel good about ourselves because we are apparently making a difference.

We want to believe that there is a higher purpose to life, that there is someone "bigger than us" who is having a grand old time moving pieces around on his/her chess board. Believing that someone or something else is in control gives us all sorts of excuses to do all sorts of things, 'cos then we can say it was God's will, or God's plan. Like billions of people living in poverty is a part of God's plan. Yeah, right. We just don't want to go through the trouble of ensuring dignified lives for everyone 'cos that would cost a lot of money and take all of our spare time and we have much more important things to do, like get laid, get paid and get lots and lots of stuff.

Believing that all of these pretty sounding things will make the world a better place only helps to dig us in deeper into the illusion. I think it is safe to say that we have fucked our selves (our natures, who we are) and our planet up way too much for anything short of a worldwide change of human nature to occur.

Not one of these "solutions" consider the totality and the depth of the global issue: human nature manifested as self interest, self enrichment and competition. None of these "solutions" consider what it would take to change human nature. We are trying to fix one hundred bullet wounds with gum and sticky tape.

Consider for a moment that everything you think you know, everything you believe, everything you think you are, every choice you've made is based on you being a product of a broken system. Do you really think then that all you are is actually all you think you are? Where you believe you live with compassion and consideration is actually self interest and a fear of what people think of you. Where you feel pride is actually an inflated ego. Where you feel love is actually a combination of fear of loss and a sense of being validated by someone else. Where you see free choice is actually only a series of options available to you within the confines of MONEY.

So now I ask you: if everything you accept to be valid and true is simply a product of a broken system, then what does that make you? Will you continue to exist within the limits you have placed on yourself and what you think life is? Or will you commit to investigating how the system works and therefore your own nature - as we are all products of the system.

Investigate Equal Money as a solution originating from outside the system. We are in The Matrix - just not how it is in the movie.