Day 705: Where is the Line?

There are no instructions in this life. There is nothing and no one to tell you how much is enough. With everything you do and everyone you meet you have to ask yourself "where do I draw the line?".

How do you know that you've tried hard enough and for long enough?

Is enough an imaginary line you draw?

If you are doing something big, something that could benefit many in a big way - how far and how hard do you push yourself, other people and your environment? Is giving up acceptable? Can you ever really do enough?

I have asked these questions many times. I have been asked only a few. What would you do to change this world? How far is enough? What costs are acceptable? What is acceptable? What would you be willing to do? Would you be willing and able to do whatever it takes?

Will you drive yourself, move yourself, push yourself?

Will you draw the lines where they will count, where they will be effecive?

Will you draw the lines within yourself? Are you willing to see yourself clearly, see when you have stopped being the driving force of your life and world?

Are you willing to do what it takes?

It always boils down to that - are you actually willing to CREATE what you commit to? Words are easy, words are cheap. Action is what counts - Your intentions and words mean NOTHING if you do not live them.

So I ask you again: are you willing to actually do what it takes, to be self driven to create the changes and opportunities you see are possible?

Are you willing to investigate and find the best possible ways to support and bring about your creation? Or will you stick yourself into the rut of one opinion and then refuse to change gear and look outside the box? Will you keep and open mind? Will you focus on developing solutions, or will you get stuck in the problems? Will you bring in people who will support you, or people who will distract you? Will you design your life to support your creation, or to escape from it?

Will you keep pushing, even when it seems hopeless, or will your resolve wither at the first indication that discipline and hard work will be required?

Will you give up after your first failure? Your second? Your fifth? Your hundredth? Your thousandth? Will you limit your drive according to your opinion of when enough is? Will you limit your self change by not defining when enough is before you change?

Which lines are worth drawing and which are not?