Day 668: Soul for Sale

The audio quality in this video is horrible, you pick up bits and pieces of what George Chakhunshvili is saying. I am not so much interested in the content of the Talk (since i can't hear half of it), so I am focusing on the concept of selling your soul.

Most of us sell our souls in one way or another, most often to survive. We do things we don't want to, we do things we absolutely despise, we sometimes even do things that we are ashamed of. many people find themselves in a position where the things they feel forced to do are so contrary to their 'nature' or belief system that they will actually change their belief system to ease the inner conflict they experience because of their actions. Do you think that every single person who has done morally "bad" things does them simply because they want to? Some, yes, but not all.

How many people have you met who are not living the life they want? How many people have you met who do not have the kind of relationships they want with friends and family? These things may not be obvious at first glance, but if you look close enough you will see signs that indicate what someone truly feels.

The reality for all but a lucky few is that in order to survive you must earn money, and often the manner in which you earn money is not what you'd actually like to be doing with your life. Many people realise later on in life that they achieved none of the things they wanted to - this is often called a mid life crisis. Have you ever stopped to take a look at your life & who you are and then ask yourself how the hell you got there? How much of yourself did you have to compromise in order to secure some form of financial stability?

What of the people who have only ever know limited choices because they were born into poverty - how much more shame do they face because of the more extreme desperation they face? There are places and people where parents will sell their child into slavery to try and make enough money to keep the rest of the family alive just a little longer. There are some people who sell their vital organs for a pittance - would this not be equal to selling your soul?

Do we not all sell our souls in this life we've created? Do we not sell our souls when we allow the pain of another when we could have helped them? Do we not sell our souls when we choose our personal comfort over the lives and happiness of billions of other lifeforms?

One thing is certain - life is certainly not priceless - not to us.