Day 1249: Thought Trace

Would the people in your life still see you the same way if they were privy to every single thought, in detail, that you have ever had about them..? Joe Kou and I agree that we would both likely need to flee the country - but the truth is that most of us would probably need to.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how screwed would you be if every person you ever had a thought about, or imagined something about, or fantasized about, became fully aware of the contents of your thoughts? Cerise Poolmanand Joe Kou #getreal with our dark, dirty selves.


  1. It´s a very interesting question, yet... in the case that others are able to hear what I think about them, that would mean that I am also able to hear their thoughts and in any case: How different everything would be cause our real human nature is revealed? I actually think that we would not be as fucked as we are now, cause there is no way anything could ever be hide from one another; then there is one of two possibilities: Or we end up destroying everything in the first go, or we stop and begin to really listen and communicate


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