Day 1108: My Acts of Terror

Another day of horror passes as yet another airport is bombed and more are killed in the name of something. Something that is nowhere near worth killing for. This keeps happening and will keep happening, there's not much you or I can do to change it today or even tomorrow. What we can change is the way that we create ourselves - the thoughts, judgements, beliefs, opinions that we have to, on some small scale, justify some of the awful things that people do. If you have just one thought about how you judge someone as being inferior to you then you are part of the creative force behind inequality. The acts of violence that someone commits all started with one thought, and that thought was fueled by the similar beliefs and opinions of the people around them. None of us are innocent - we all contribute to the world system and our society to some degree. It's time to start reflecting on exactly how we are living as the creative force of our world and ourselves.

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