Day 711: Ideas Worth Spreading

How is an idea deemed as worthy of spreading? I am not referring specifically to TED here, I am casting a much wider net.

In our society, trends control a large part of our economy and daily life. The latest fashion statement is lucrative, even if it only lasts for a few months. We spread ideas around all over the world - the latest hot pop star, the latest song, the latest movie, the latest hairstyle, the latest "best" body type, the latest slang words - these ideas spread like wildfire, inflaming the masses as they go. Even if you don't participate in the trend you've at least heard of it. A global recognition and awareness is created around this idea. So then the question becomes: is it worth it?

How do we choose which ideas we spread? There doesn't seem to be any method to our madness. The ideas do not often improve anyone's life (except for the person(s) making boat loads of money from whatever they're selling). Most of the trends that tear across the earth have no purpose. They have a beginning and an end and that is it, not hing more, nothing less. We forget they ever were the moment we find something new.

Why are these meaningless and insignificant things given so much value? When I say value I am referring simply to the global presence that is created for each of these ideas.

What happened to our value system that the most popular things are just fashion statements and not things of substance?

How much of our votes (money) do we pour into these trends? Compare this to how much we invest in sustainable solutions to global problems.

So it seems like the ideas we deem as being worth spreading are the ideas that help us slip further into distraction. These are the ideas that remove focus and thoughts from the reality. These are the ideas that give us a little bit more time in our fantasy lands. These are the ideas that let us live in denial just a little longer. These are the ideas that let us deflect the reality of ourselves and the world. These are the ideas that give us blissful oblivion.

Why? Why is humanity so determined to ignore all the problems that will put us in early graves? I suppose it's easier, more fun than putting in the work that will be required to really create a life and world that will support and nurture all life.

We're not to blame, in a way. We don't even realise we're doing it. Yet, we are responsible. We are the only ones who can make different choices and change the outcome of life on earth. We need to re-evaluate what ideas are worth spreading - what is worth supporting. Where will our votes bring about a better world and life?