Day 706: Crash and Burn

What if I fail? 
What if all of my efforts come to nothing?
What if everything I have done means nothing?
What if nothing changes?
What if I get hurt?
What if this ends badly?
What if I lose everything?
What if I die?
What if something terrible happens?
What if I lose the ones I love?
What if I never have the life I want?

What if... these two words hold a lot of power over a lot of people. the fear of what may be can be crippling. Often we fear the images and scenarios we conjure in our minds far more than facing the actual thing we fear.

How often have you not done something because you felt that the potential failure you may have to face was simply unbearable?

What's so horrible about failure anyway? Why do we have this obsession with always succeeding at everything we do?

The fear that you experience is often much worse than facing the object of your fear. You build yourself up into a state of frenzied terror for nothing really. You have the ability to face any thing in this life and remain stable throughout. Fear is a projection of potential unpleasantness - let that go and know that whatever happens, you will stand, you will not waiver.

We put ourselves through horrible ordeals, imagining the worst possible things happening to us, nudging ourselves into states of petrification where we simply refuse to move for fear of bringing to life our nightmares.

We also have the tendency to be rather short sighted. We enter a venture, knowing that it will take time and effort to bring to fruition, but at some point we decide that it's taking too long or we've been working to hard for no return, and so we stop. Our perception of time/effort spent vs reward is not set in stone - it changes with our moods and circumstances. One day you may be plodding along happily, but all it takes is for one thing in your life to change and put a little pressure on you for you to want immediate and unrealistic results. your fear of "what if all my efforts come to nothing" drives you to actually MAKE all your efforts come to nothing - you willingly stop and GIVE UP everything you've worked for - all because of a few words spinning around in your mind.