Day 704: Self Acceptance vs Self Judgement

What is self acceptance and how does it relate to self judgement?

Consider that acceptance is not actually about acceptance - in a way it is actually about recognising and investigating yourself objectively in order to determine what is and is not acceptable. Self acceptance is actually self improvement/movement/growth in action.

Self acceptance is not really about judgement or lack thereof - that's just petty shit the mind uses to confuzzle you. Self acceptance is recognising and fulfilling your potential.

Have a look at what self judgement is: self judgement is you essentially focusing on "the bad" and telling yourself that you're not good enough. It's actually rather like focusing on the problems and ignoring creating solutions, but they're not actually problems, they're just "things" that you in your morality have defined in a certain way. You have made yourself judge and jury and have judged yourself to be guilty, no matter the context.

Interestingly enough, in order for you to be "bad" you need to have defined something else as "good", so it's just a polarity system playing out in your mind. Self acceptance does not contain "good" or "bad" - points within you simply are what they are, and they are either acceptable or they are not. Once you are able to see yourself objectively - ie see and understand your patterns - then there is no self judgement, because you see what the patterns are, where they came from, how they work and how to change them and so all that is left is to change the patterns - no good or bad.

Here you can use projections of potential outflows and consequences to determine whether something is acceptable or not: how will this thing affect your life, how will it affect others? This is where real consideration of others comes in, because you have to consider the structure of their minds which is something that takes time to learn and practice. Our actions can influence others on many different levels - you want to get to the point where you can assess all those outflows on all levels of each person who may be affected.

An interesting realisation comes from this:You are dealing with programmed people - and not just "other people", but you as well. Everyone is working off a particular code, just like in the Matrix movies. The code is not who you are, it is simply who you have accepted and allowed yourself to be. Each person may seem to be different, but in reality they are dealing with the same core programming code and language. Strip away the superficial facades and you will see exactly how similar peoples' thought structures can be. Self judgement is part of that programming - it is a program/pattern that you have allowed within yourself and the key to breaking that cycle is to not take your programming/patterns personally, but simply to see it for what it is - from doing this you empower yourself to change the program and write a new one that YOU have created to replace the old self destructive code.

Once you realise that everyone is operating from programs you will stop taking everything so personally. It's NOT personal - it is simply an accepted and allowed program that is the current director of that person's life/moment - it is not truly who they are. It is not good or bad - it is simply acceptable or unacceptable. seeing it for what it is without judgement gives you the opportunity and ability to change it, not only within yourself but in a supportive role for others as well.

I use the point of what is unconditional acceptance of another as my reference for self acceptance - unconditional acceptance is not about accepting the person and everything about them, it is about seeing their potential and doing what is best for them, it is about showing them their patterns and supporting them to change. It is about recognising that they are simply following their "programming" and that nothing they do is personal - it is just their programming.