Day 702: I See Therefore I Do

What is the difference between seeing what needs to be done and doing it? What holds you back from doing what you see needs to be done? Why is it so easy to postpone? Why are you so forgetful? Why is all of the above only applicable to certain things in your life? What I mean by this is that none of that would happen with the things you like doing...

Why will you go to greater lengths and put more effort into the things you "like"? This may seem like a no-brainer - allow me to give you another perspective: what is the difference between something you like doing and something that must be done? The determining factor of the value of these things is YOU. You determine how important something is within your personal value system, so while you may recognise that something is vitally important to do, it's not actually all that important to you personally. This might be because you are simply preoccupied with other things (new boyfriend/girlfriend, trying to survive, high stress influencing your outlook, etc). A lot of the time your inaction is seemingly innocent - in that you just didn't think about it all that much (what with all the other stuff going on in your life) and therefore didn't take the time to prioritise and plan it into your schedule.

It does seem innocent, doesn't it? Well... Hahahahaha

Unfortunately ignorance is not innocent. The preoccupation in your personal life and interests is a choice (though I am not including basic survival, some people focus all their attention on trying to survive and can only start looking outside that particular box once they have that room to breathe - ie are not longer in "survival mode") - it may not seem like a choice since you are basically programmed to be this way by your environment - but it is a choice. When your focus is on fulfilling your personal desires and happiness you are not going to be thinking about the potential consequences of your choices, simply because your choices are designed around a specific goal that centres around you and only you. This is a pretty extreme picture that I'm painting - very few people are so absolutely self-obsessed that they do not see anything at all outside their personal designs, but my description is simply for the purpose of illustrating the point clearly. Let's take a new relationship as an example - when you meet someone you're interested in you become consumed by the experiences that comes with this. You think about them all the time, you change yourself to try and "be better" for them, you think about how you can maximise your chances of success. Everyone experiences points like these where you cannot see anything outside your personal experience (and this can include the negative as well like being consumed by anger).

Where do you compromise? Where do you put aside what must be done and go for fulfilling your personal desires? Where do you postpone and put off things? Where do you not live your realisations? Why do you sometimes have the same realisation many times over the years before you actually get to the point of living the realisation? Where do you tend to get lost in an experience? Where do you tend to stop making excuses? Where do you tend to make more excuses?