Day 692: Your Change Can Bring Change

I saw a little sign in a supermarket the other day on a donation box that said "Your change can bring change". This statement is true, but not in the context of the donation box.

Your coins will go towards some cause, some band aid, (at least some of) it will (probably) go to some project that that charity is working on. It may even make some small difference in that specific cause. I have said before, a number of times, that many causes cannot have a global effect when each cause is focused on only one solution for one problem - they are focusing only on the symptoms, not the cause. It's like a thousand little band aids trying to stitch up a big gaping hole - it's not going to happen.

The kind of change that can bring change is less tangible, cannot be touched but can be felt. We each contribute to the state of the world - opposite to the thousands of opposing causes trying to patch all the leaks, humanity seems to move in a disharmonious unity. Disharmonious because the world we collectively create is one of pain and inequality. Unity simply because we are creating this world together - it is not something that can be done by a few powerful individuals.

Yes, for the world to be the way it is there must be massive compliance and acceptance of what happens. There must be a consensus as to the nature of the human - not on a superficial level (ie the face you show the world) - but on a deep level within the majority of people. The consensus must be that the nature of the human is such that is capable of creating and sustaining the world as it is now.

This does not mean that there is no kindness in most people - certainly there is. It also does not mean that people are deliberately cruel for their own amusement - this is relatively rare. What it does mean is that most people are ignorant of their own complicit participation in creating the world. Most people do not realise the effect their acceptance has on the world we see around us.

So, how do we change this? Not easily by any measure. It starts with those who have realised that they are responsible - they must become living examples of what is possible - that change is possible. Your change can bring change in others, and so, the world. This does not entail becoming part of some group or organisation, but it does entail research and investigation into holistic and sustainable solutions to the global issues we are facing. I mean specifically that it will require investigation into the source of the issues - it will require that we take a step back, out of the symptoms and look at the bigger picture in order to see where those symptoms come from.

Your change can create change. It may not be a quick solution - but there is simply no quick solution. Change is happening already in some ways, but not all of it is constructive. The efforts we have made are not enough, and more importantly, we have not realised how important it is to evaluate the world and other people objectively - this includes being able to set aside beliefs, opinions, cultural differences and so on in order to come to mutually agreeable solutions that will benefit the majority of life on Earth.