Day 679: Monsanto-satan

I saw this image on Facebook. For a moment I didn't believe that someone would actually say something like this, and then I remembered what kind of people occupy this little marble in the galaxy.

The reality is that it is unlikely that any serious research/studies will be done into the effects of how we produce food. We do not know what will happen - though we may know in 20 or so years when the human race is diseased and unable to continue to procreate. Maybe 50 years. Who knows.

What we can know and do know is that when a group of individuals (like a company or corporation) behaves the way Monsanto is behaving then they're trying to hide something. That's not rocket science. It doesn't take much to discover that Monsanto owns half the US government high-ups. The logical deductions you can make from these factors is pretty straight forward. Everything about the actions of Monsanto says that they're only in it for the profit

The actions of Monsanto can be compared to the gross negligence of, for example, those individuals involved with skimping on the safety equipment and measures at the Fukushima power plant. Gross negligence may not be severe enough considering that all of Japan is well known for earthquakes, tropical storms, volcanoes and tsunamis - so those individuals under and ill-equipped the (NUCLEAR) power plant in full knowledge of the fact that it was in a hot zone of the wrath of nature. Now we're sitting with (another) part of our little marble being irradiated. At some point some genius sucked his/her thumb and said "It's all good now! It's safe". Right. Because we actually know that as a fact.

I wonder, do you only feel bad when something bad happens after you knowingly put other peoples' lives at risk? That does seem to be the trend - sometimes people don't feel bad at all, no matter which way the wind blows. Do these people "deserve" to die? If someone really doesn't care who gets hurt in the pursuit of their personal enrichment or happiness - should they simply be eliminated? It's a rather tough question since most people do things like that (obviously on smaller scales) - so if you say that selfinsh butt heads should die you're going to have to draw a line somewhere, because pretty much everyone is and/or can be an incredibly selfish butt head. Put an average Joe in a position where he/she could get rich at the expense of human lives, you may be surprised at how many Joe's lose their sense of compassion as the prize money increases. What would you do for $1billion? Hmmm....