Day 676: How Did We Come to This?

(CNN)A 5-year-old Florida girl was killed after her father tossed her from a bridge from his car, police said Thursday.
As a St. Petersburg police officer was driving home just after midnight, he saw a car whiz past him, driving about 100 miles per hour, authorities said.
When the car neared the top of the Dick Misener Bridge, the driver stopped.
"The man reached into the back seat, grabbed his little girl, held her under the arms and then threw her over the railing and into water," St. Petersburg police spokeswoman Yolanda Fernandez told CNN affiliate WFLA.

What must happen for one person to do this to another person - a child no less? What must happen for a father to do this to his child? What must have gone on inside his mind? How did it all begin? What process has to happen for a mind to develop in that way? What must happen for someone to be willing to allow the thoughts within them that would lead to such extreme behaviour?

It seems that most people don't realise how distorted and twisted human "nature" (mind) is becoming. You see that all this terrible stuff is happening, you see that people are doing awful things to each other, you know that there are things happening behind closed doors that would make you shudder or worse - you KNOW that things are getting bade, but it seems like most people will not take the next step of acknowledging and understanding the extent of the problem across our society.

You may have the odd conversation where someone says "oh yes, things are getting really bad now, people are just crazy!" and then they will talk about the weather. What does this tell you? The severity of the problem is not understood, because if we actually understood how extreme the degradation of the mind is then we would be doing so much more than we are (not) doing now to correct this.

When you start investigating and actually looking at what is happening in the world - what people do to each other - you start grasping the extent of the problem. You begin to see that the rate of degradation of the human "condition" is accelerating. Just as it seems that the force of nature is accelerating, that the state of international affairs is breaking down, so is the state of humanity degrading.

In truth it is we who are driving the state of affairs in all aspects of life to become more extreme. We are forcing the nature of life on Earth to become more forceful. We are backing life into a corner, but in truth we are life, so we are sabotaging ourselves. We are attacker and victim at the same time, with the reality that we will drag all of life on earth down with us. If we continue to allow this depravity within ourselves we will only continue to see and experience it around us. There is no way to protect ourselves from it - we create it and therefore it will seep into our lives. There is no hiding from it, even nature is bearing her will down on us, hoping that we will somehow see what we have been creating in this life.