Day 672: How Time Flies

Tomorrow is the end. The day after is the beginning.

Well I suppose that's one way to look at it.

Time is a concept we created as a reference to use to track the progress (real or projected) of things like tasks, mending a broken heart, healing a broken body, when to meet someone, when something should be done by. Time has a practical purpose, yet we tend to influence our experience and perception of it with things that are not so practical.

A common thing you hear is that the time goes faster every year. Obviously time is not actually going faster, it is our perception of time that changes.

Look back to your childhood, you lived in the moment and savoured everything. The innocence of a child includes living in the moment, being present in every moment. Children rarely brood and get lost in their thoughts. Children rarely spend all their time thinking about what they want, or want they have lost. A child explores what is here in the moment with a complete awareness and presence that so many lose touch with as we grow older.

The further down the road we get, the more we're off in some alternative place in our minds and the less we're present in the moment. We tend to be thinking about the person we have a crush on, the friend we don't quite trust, all the chores we need to do or errands we need to run, the project for school or work that's due in a few days, the fight we had with our family, the argument with we had with our partner, the person we'd rather be with than our partner, what to wear... It's like the wheel of thoughts in our heads just starts turning faster and faster until eventually it's spinning so fast that we can't really see clearly where one thing ends and another begins. Within the turmoil of all this we lose touch with simply being here. We diminish our capacity to clearly consider the choices in front of us because instead of seeing things for what they are, we look at the world through the haze of all the noise going on inside us.

So - this relates to time in the sense that when you are floating somewhere in your mind, thinking about all the things you want, need, lost, miss, don't have and have to do - time seems to move faster because you're not actually present in it to a degree, you are in another place where your experience of time is different. It's almost like a dream world, and in the moments that you snap out of it and wake up, you realise how much time has actually passed. Your inner world, your thoughts, have no "anchor" in the real world to keep track of real time, so when you drift off into your thoughts your perception is moving without any references to real time. It truly is as if you create an alternate reality where only you exist.

We fill ourselves up with so much junk, so many thoughts and emotions that accumulate and compound over the years that it really is no wonder that we have to create alternate realities to try and live with it all. The solution to this problem is simple - let it go, take a deep breath in and slowly release it. Bring yourself back to reality, back to this moment. Give yourself clarity. Give yourself time.