Day 667: Think Like A Child

The creativity and freedom of expression that we had as children is commonly eked out of us, our thoughts are structured into systematic-like structures, our creativity is squashed so that we see only in one dimension, from one perspective. Apparently that is part of growing up - stop acting like a child! life is serious, start acting like it! Time to man up to your responsibilities. Of course these things are important in some ways and to a certain extent, but so is creativity and being able to think outside the box.

When we leave behind our innocent exploration of the world and start to define and structure all the different parts of life into neat little boxes we tend to get stuck in our ways. We tend to get stuck in our worldview, in our opinions, in our beliefs, in our methods. We get stuck in how we perceive things, each shape and image means only one thing - we do not consider that there may be more.

This stuckness is evident not only in our perceptions in our personal lives, but in our very society. We hold on to ways of doing things that don't really benefit everyone simply because we are unwilling to investigate alternatives. It can be seen within the way governments function, the way economies function, the way we structure our education systems, the way we care for the sick, they kind of entertainment we produce - in everything really. We are all molded into perfect squares and all our views are square too - we don't even know what greatness we may be missing out on.

Imagine if we were to investigate life again, investigate ourselves. Imagine if we were to speak and share with the honesty of a child, Imagine if we did what we enjoyed without having to 'colour inside the lines'.

There is so much potential in life, so much potential in us - we need only to reach outside of our boxes and venture into the places we had previously not explored.