Day 664: Christmas Killed the Internet

I am not writing this as I had planned to. Internet is dead… again. It seems that Christmas time has killed the internet. Everyone is home, surfing the web at night – but in the day, madness ensues. 

I was in the unfortunate position of having to buy food earlier this week. Everyone has to eat, right? Well so do I (mostly chocolate). I usually get groceries on Tuesdays, but this last Tuesday was a public holiday so I went in on Monday. I thought I would be safe. 

I wasn’t. 

Every shopping centre was packed. Cars were moving at a snail’s pace through the poorly coordinated intersections, one of which hadn’t been working since Friday. I took photo’s of the madness. It hurts when I look at them even now. If there was a God I would ask him/her/it “WTF is up with Christmas?” I suppose it would be unrealistic to expect any kind of satisfactory response. 

Christmas is supposed to be about being grateful to Jesus for dying for your sins (think about that for a moment and you will realise that it makes NO sense) and spending time with your loved ones and singing about Santa. OK, not really the Santa part, cos he’s actually not originally a part of the whole Christmas conspiracy. 

So you’re supposed to be all humble and happy at the same time, being with your family and friends during this one special time of the year. Obviously you have to show your loved ones exactly how much you love them by giving them presents. There’s also a lot of eating. Everywhere you go you hear awful Christmas carols that make you want to stab yourself in the foot with a fork. BUT - don’t let that show, Christmas is a time for happiness and love and compassion and forgiveness and… well, doing all the things a decent human being should actually be doing all the time but doesn’t. 

There is no sense to Christmas. It is madness, simply put. People rip and tear at each other to get the last toy on the shelf for their kid. Suicide rates are highest at Christmas. Road accidents are higher at Christmas. Family disputes are higher at Christmas. No one is thinking about God or Jesus, whatever the reason for the existence of Christmas in the past, it is no longer that. 

Christmas is now about greed - companies trying to make as much money off of the fervorous shopping that takes place. Have you noticed how much the price of meat increases at christmas time?

Why can the principles that are promoted at Christmas time not be practiced every single day? Why only at certain times of the year? Why should kindness and forgiveness only be important at christmas time?

The internet is returned, partially at least... for now...