Day 643: Why is Your Life So Hard?

Life isn't all that hard. We make it hard. We have taken the simplicity out of our lives and replaced it with rules and customs that don't really make sense and don't serve any practical purpose.

We have made fashion a big part of our lives - but take a look in the mirror: do the clothes you wear change who you are? No. Maybe your idea or perception of yourself changes, but who you are does not. Why then does so much attention, time, resources and skill go toward an industry that has moved beyond practicality and self expression into absurdity? Jon Jandai said a funny and true thing in his Talk: When you follow fashion you can never catch up with it because you're always following it!

It is a hard time that we're living in - I cannot say if it's the most difficult in our history because I do not know if it is. What I do know is that for those people who can afford a house (or rather people who can afford the home loan) will spend 20 - 40 years paying off that house.

School and university is generally boring and does not give much practical information that you can use to improve your life or your experience of life. Most of the information you forget as soon as you've written exams. You don't learn much about the life skills that you actually do need. The teacher is simply unable to give students individual attention as there are too many students to each teacher.

Universities are cesspools of rape, excessive behaviours, slave labour and red tape. Not to mention they cost a small fortune and guarantee you nothing.

We are told to go to the cities to work and succeed - but most never get to that success and must settle for simply surviving.

Health care is practically unaffordable and unattainable for a large portion of people across the world. There are very few places that provide quality healthcare to every single person.

Life shouldn't be this hard - but it is. It is because we've made it this way. We have made this world a place of misery and unnecessary suffering. We have created a society in which we do not care for each other or support each other. We have created a society that commits genocide on a daily basis. We have created a society that throws away millions of tons of food a year while millions starve. We have created a society that has both extreme poverty and extreme wealth. We have created a society that believes that violence brings peace.

You cannot claim innocence - we are all responsible - whether you live in a cave or in a city you are still responsible. Every moment that you accept the world the way it is and proclaim that you are powerless, you are allowing the world to exist the way it does. there are billions of people on earth. At least half of us know that the way we live now is unacceptable - now we must stand together and propose a new way and, most importantly, live as the example of what is truly possible, of the true beauty and compassion that exists within each one of us if only we would choose to express it.