Day 634: Many Voices, One Song

Originally from Kommetjie in the Western Cape, singer songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou has made her way onto TEDx and pretty much broke the internet with her mesmerising live performance. The South African has taken her craft to the streets of Berlin where she performs for the public in Germany’s libertarian capital.
Not only does Alice deliver hauntingly beautiful songs, many of which she has written herself, but she also comes across having a beautiful world view that is conveyed here in her TEDx talk. This approach is apparent in the statement “I see pop stars with so much fame, so much power; yet they use it only to advance themselves. I want to be different, I want to stay pure” and it seems that is just what she is doing. - Dont Party

Imagine if celebrities were more like Alice. Imagine if celebrities used their positions to promote solutions to the problems in the world. Imagine if celebrities honoured their roles as examples and lived with integrity and honesty. Imagine if celebrities made music or movies about things that actually matter.

The third and final song that Alice performs in the video in the link above is a rare example of a song not about sex or love (when you look at it closely, songs about love are really about sex). This is the music I would want my child to listen to - not the popular pop music hypersexualising the youth and zoning the attention of the population on frivolities and ideas that enslave us instead of setting us free.

All too often songs like these are used as a banner instead of as an example or creed to live by. What I mean by this is that people walk around telling everyone else how they love and support the song and the message, but in truth the only actions they take are "token gestures" - nothing truly substantial according to what is actually required to make a real change.

I'm not going to harp on about how wrong everything is and how people are not making the difference they think they are. I want to rather focus on how we can harness our own potential and the potential we see within each other to let go of the ideas that are connected to things like music, fashion, relationships that keep us cycling around in superficial and unproductive patterns. For example: letting go of the ideas about sexuality and relationships that has been created and perpetuated by the music and movies/TV industry that warps so many peoples' views of what sexuality and relationships should be like, to the point where people find it incredibly difficult to be fulfilled simply because they have unrealistic expectations for their lives.

Something that could be done is create music and other media like TV shows that illustrate the real things that happen in real life and how to effectively move through those things without causing yourself more misery or harm. Imagine if TV shows actually taught people how to communicate openly with each other and work through common issues like a difference of vocabulary or breaking out of reaction cycles to create a platform for solutions. Imagine if songs were about overcoming difficulties in life, or reminding people about principles that contribute to creating a life that everyone can enjoy.

Imagine if principles like compassion, understanding, communication, groundedness, integrity, honesty - were promoted instead of beauty, competition, aggression, emotional outbursts, suppression, judgement... Do you think that teenagers would still rebel against their families if the entire family structure was built on openness and communication?

We have the capacity, creativity and innovation to build a society that is kind, compassionate, caring and worthy of the gift of life that we have been given. More and more people are standing up and questioning why we live this way, why we allow the abuse of life, greed, envy, cruelty - it is time to stop complaining and start taking action. It is time to start making a stand for a better world, to use our voices. One voice may not carry far, but hundreds, thousands or millions will resonate across the planet.