Day 580: Global Warming - The Big Bad Wolf

You may have missed the news that this past Monday in Detroit was one for the record books: The city was hit by an unprecedented deluge of rainfall — 4.57 inches, coming just behind the all-time record set back in 1925 — resulting in catastrophic flash flooding that swamped basements, destroyed cars and killed at least one person.
But you definitely didn’t miss the soggy weather if you’re living in Raleigh, Washington and Baltimore, or  Long Island and New Jersey, all of which got their share of unusually heavy rainfall (and if you’re in New England, you’re next).
This kind of weather is being described as unprecedented. But it isn’t unanticipated. In fact, according to the National Climate Assessment, “extreme” rainfall events — the kind that reach the 99th percentile of intensity — have markedly increased since the mid 20th-century, particularly in the Northeast: - Salon

Most stories and articles you read about climate change finger "global warming" as the responsible party. You understand on an intellectual level that this is not the case - that humans are responsible - but the choice of words that you see all around you create a false sense that you are not responsible for all these catastrophes, global warming is. This is all taking place on a subconscious level, on the information processing level, the level of your awareness that you're not actually aware of.

So what does this mean? How does it affect your life?

First and foremost, it creates a kind of timid acceptance of what is happening, a lack of will to fix it. It doesn't mean that people aren't talking about it and saying that it's an important matter, it's just that there are only a few people who are actually prepared to take the relatively extreme steps to stop doing the things that are harming this planet and environment. Look around your life, your community, your country. Do you see the leaders taking the first steps to really change our lifestyles, and not just talking about it? That is unlikely. Do you see many businesses and leaders doing anything more than making token gestures? Not likely. Most people do not even comprehend what it would mean, in this day and age, to actually change the entire structure of the way everyone lives enough to give nature a chance to heal. There are very few big news and media agencies that educate the public on the facts without twisting the words to cause different effects like the one mentioned above that causes most people to kind of zone out on the gravity of the problem and where the problem originated.

Secondly, and what sometimes seems to be more important to people than the continued survival of the human race and all other life on Earth, is the fact that the media is screwing with your head and you don't even know it. Chances are that you are blissfully ignorant of the extent to which your thoughts and feelings are gently nudged in one direction or another. This may lead you to ask yourself how much of who you think you are is actually you? How much of you has been engineered by different forces in society/the world?

If things carry on going the way that they are going, there is a good chance that life on earth will become increasingly filled with tragedy and catastrophe. We must all ask ourselves: how far will we let this go? How much is enough? Because, whether we realise and accept it or not, we are entirely responsible, and nothing will change without us being the ones moving the change forward.