Day 558: There Will Be No Ark For Us

As I was watching Noah, I wondered what future we would create for ourselves. There is no creator who will save us from ourselves, so what happens if we do not change? The film depicts how the creator has shown Noah what is to come, that he intends to wash away the filth and evil that man has brought upon the world in the hopes that by starting again things will turn out differently. So Noah begins building an ark, with the help of "the watchers" (fallen angels who came originally to help man, but were betrayed by man and rejected by the creator). Ask the building progresses, the animals start to come from all over the near-barren planet and enter the ark. This particular scene, intended to be one of hope for the future, brought only the truth of our reality that there will be no ark for us, nor for the animals that we are driving into extinction.

So what will become of us?

What will become of this world and all the creatures we were meant to coexist with?

What happens when the earth becomes so polluted with toxic waste and rubbish that nothing can grow?

What happens when the oceans are no longer inhabitable for the creatures of the sea?

What happens after years or decade, when no god or messiah comes to save us?

If there is no one who will come to rescue us, will we be able to save ourselves?

When will we recognise this life for what it is and start treating it as such: A gift?

I have no answers to some of these questions, and for the rest, I do not want to answer them. I do not want to imagine living in a toxic and barren world, watching every life around me wither away and die. I do not want to live in a world where the worst of human nature is celebrated and the best of it is dismissed as weakness. I do not want to live in a world where my fellow men and women care only for themselves and leave the rest of the world to suffer. I do not want to live in a world where animals are treated like commodities for our profit. I do not want to live in a world where we leave the most vulnerable and unfortunate of our people to live in squalor and turn to drugs and alcohol to survive.

All of these things are the things that I do not wish for myself, nor do I wish them for any other being. The things that I wish for, I wish for every single being, unreserved and entirely.

I want for us to live in harmony with the planet and all creatures. I want for us to take only what we need and allow the rest to live in peace. I want for us to accept the differences in each other and allow each other that which we would want for ourselves: to make our own choices in consideration of each other. I want for our food to be treated with respect so that it may nourish us well. I want our parents and children to understand and respect each other so that they may live in harmony and love one another completely. I want for us to live real love by doing only what is best for each other and all life and by supporting each other to reach our full potentials.

Everything I do, I do to bring about all these things that I want for myself and everyone else. I do this because I cannot accept that waiting for a saviour will change anything. I do this because I understand that I am responsible, along with everyone else, to manifest the world we want our children to live in.