Day 557: What's Important in Life?

Every day there are stories circulating on the web about some bizarre invention, kickstarter or even piece of art that is making obscene amounts of money. Many, if not most, of these things do not improve life for anyone. All they do is satisfy some whim or abstract ideal for whoever is willing to pay for it. In a world where charities, public services and other organisations working to improve the world are more often than not under budgeted and spend most of the time scraping resources together just to try and make a tiny difference in some corner of the world.

Equal Life Foundation is one of these organisations. The only goal of this organisation is to find ways to improve life, including researching the nature of human nature to find out if there is any way for people to change themselves in order to stop doing the horrible things that we do to each other and ourselves
. Equal Life Foundation (ELF) has been met with derision and criticism by many who try to bad mouth the efforts and intentions of ELF - for the life of me I cannot see why someone would go through all that trouble to discredit an organisation that promotes human rights and practical solutions to make those rights a reality.

In a world where a splash of paint on a canvas sells for millions, organisations like ELF are forced to pinch pennies and ration out available funds to try and accomplish just something - unable to reach for the goals they set. Functioning in this way stunts the capabilities of these organisations and forces their efforts to move at a snail's pace.

ELF is made up of people who cannot accept the abuse that happens in the world and does not limit it's scope to only one aspect of abuse - it includes ever problem in the world in its scope and is determined to create practical solutions for each and every issue.

In this day and age with so many people having access to the internet and therefore the opportunity to really find out what's going on in the world and how everything works, it is mind boggling that the focus is on frivolities like half naked musicians who sing about sex and. The deliberate ignorance of this world is astounding.

If no one is going to care enough to stand up to make a change then nothing will happen. Organisations like ELF will continue to exist as they are, fighting to keep their cause going in a world filled with people who just don't care enough to do anything significant to change this world we share.

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