Day 552: Why Don't They Just Use Chicken?

What would happen if McDonald’s were required to be honest – really honest – about its processed poultry product, better known as the Chicken McNugget? It would probably look something like this clip from Redacted Tonight.
Ostensibly, this is a “comedy video,” but what it comes down to is a goofy “kid” listing all the ingredients in McDonald’s chicken nuggets. There are a lot of them, including sodium, sugar and artificial additives – all of which we probably don’t need in our food, and all of which the fast food company underplays while emphasizing the part that’s “white meat chicken.”
As the character asks midway through his recitation: “Why don’t you guys just make it out of chicken?” - Salon

Why don't they just use chicken? Why go through all the trouble of making a product that's supposed to be chicken, but isn't completely? I mean, they must have a pretty good reason, right? Right?

I suppose that would depend on how you would define what a good reason may be...

We can all deduce that most of the big companies in the world and most of the food industry is not really interested in providing you with the best possible quality. Most businesses in this world want to provide themselves with the best possible growth, no matter the cost to you, the consumer. The very fact that so many of these companies pay only just over minimum wage goes to show that they would pay less if it was legal (Thanks to this article for that quote).

If you watch the video in the link at the top of the page you will hear a list of ingredients that you can pretty much assume are in all fast foods. Why? Well, there really is no logical reason except that it somehow translates into increased revenues for the fast food manufacturers.

I am cutting this blog short as I am feeling a little queezy at this moment...