Day 530: Motivation vs Self Movement

First of all, I need to say why my blogs have been few and far between: I am writing my (last ever) exams for my degree in Psychology. I will be done mid June and from then on all will be business as usual.

A point that has been milling around in my head and also in the general environment is the point of self movement - actually following through and doing what you decide to do/say you will do. Making choices is the easy part - doing the work is hard and is inevitably the only thing that actually matters. How does that saying go: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

In this Process we walk, this is certainly a point that we all face - and often more than once. You know exactly what you need to do, what you really should do - but when it comes to the actual doing part all of your motivation just fizzles away. Suddenly you feel soooo tired, sooo stressed, or you suddenly remember some arbitrary thing that you need to do that has become a few degrees more important than whatever you were going to do. Sure, you feel guilty, but the interesting thing about guilt is that it is a very convenient way for you to justify to yourself that you are still a "good person" even though you reneged on your commitment. At least the guilt makes you feel like you still care, and just the fact that you care is enough for you to feel a little better about yourself. Guilt is a funny thing - a negative experience may accompany it, but the positive (and hidden) experience outweighs that negative experience (most of the time) which is why guilt is very rarely enough of a motivator. Most people are not even aware of that positive experience that guilt brings.

Our society taught us from young that motivation is something that happens to you, something that is outside of you, something that requires a good reason or reward (do well in school to get academic recognition; complete a project before the deadline; do what your parents tell you to do) - we are not taught that we can actually move ourselves without needing motivation at all. We were never taught that self direction is far more powerful and effective that reward-based and other motivational schemes.

Self movement is the honouring of your commitments.

Self movement is the following through of your choices.

Self movement is doing that which you see will be best for all even though you may not want to and even though it is an inconvenience to your personal preferences.

Self movement transcends personal preference.

Self movement transcends "but".

Self movement is a directive action that you make, a moving through whatever resistance you may have. It is definitely easier to give up and watch TV, and that's exactly what you were programmed to experience.

Self movement is a transcending of your pre-programming.

Self movement is moving against the grain, against the norm of apathy and inaction. It is time for a new norm, where every person's word can be trusted (honouring all commitments) and where the inner experience is reflected honestly in the outer experience (Thoughts reflect words reflect deeds).


  1. Cool Cerise. Thanks for the sharing!

  2. Very cool, Cerise! Just redefined this word 'motivation' in my current agreement course lesson, and yes - it's about SELF movement/motivation - it requires simply self to move. Thanks for sharing!


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