Day 473: Cancer Corp

Cancer has become very common. Everyone knows someone who has cancer, or knew someone who had it. Check out this blog for some context.

According to the American Cancer Association, 1 in every 3 people in USA will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. It's difficult to say what the prevalence rates are in "underdeveloped" countries where many people do not have access to healthcare, so there is no way to see how the statistics for people in America compare to worldwide statistics.

What most certainly cannot be denied is that cancer is a very profitable business. Consider all the different avenues of service and products linked to cancer: doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical reps, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, charities, research organizations, therapists, etc. A huge amount of money has been made on the back of cancer.

Now consider how cancer is portrayed in the media, especially in movies and tv series. It is being portrayed as being more and more of a common occurrence. What might this portrayal accomplish? Well, if all our favourite shows and movies say that it is normal for cancer to be a common disease, then it must be so! Now no one questions the rising rates of cancer, it is simply accepted as being a part of life.

I have placed a link in a couple of previous blogs to a time-lapse video of all the nuclear bombs that have been detonated. The number is scarily high - higher than I dared to imagine. What do you suppose happens after so many nuclear explosions? Should we expect that life will continue unaffected, that there will be no consequences? And what of disasters like Fukushima? Could it just be a coincidence that cancer and other conditions like Autism are on the rise?

In the end, who profits from all of this? One thing that you can be certain of is that somewhere, someone is profiting. Safer forms of energy production are dismissed and sources like nuclear and coal power are chosen - why does this happen? Nuclear and coal-based energy is certainly more expensive, so why do we not use it? Why do we risk cancer and other side effects such as the loss of the planet's ability to sustain life for these power sources? Investigate where the money goes and you'll know who is in control.

Cancer has become another commodity, traded hand-in-hand with items such as coal and oil. There is a simple solution to many of our problems, but those are often deliberately overlooked or excused away as being too resource-demanding. Cancer research has received vast sums of money over the decades in an attempt to "cure" cancer - but all that has come of it is invasive and aggressive courses of treatment that are more likely to kill the patient than cure them. Even if the person survives, they will be paying off medical bills for the rest of their (likely short) lives.

There comes a point where we have to seriously look at the world around us and see for ourselves how everything is driven by money - and what the deadly consequences of this could be.