Day 469: Trust the System

Just trust the system. 

This phrase is a part of all of our lives, whether implicitly or explicitly. We believe, in the very core of our selves, that the system is the best it can possibly be and was designed to protect us and work to make our lives the best they can be. It is somewhat of a dichotomy, since we are willing to attribute "bad" events to that just being the way of the world but at the same time, we acknowledge the existence of a "system" which supposedly has our best interests at heart. We are aware that such systems cannot exist without our acceptance of them and participation within them, but we have suppressed this awareness so deep that we have come to exist within the belief that we are powerless to change anything, blaming outside entities as being the "bad guys" when these entities are just made of people like you and me - people who knowingly participate in the system and who ensure its continued existence whether they agree with it or not - their very jobs (and therefore survival) depends on it.

We trust that the schooling system will do the best job in educating our children and preparing them for becoming independent in the world. When we don't believe that the schooling system will do this we exist somewhere between a state of powerlessness and a blind faith that somehow "things will turn out OK" because we are doing the best we can. Unfortunately our definition of "doing the best we can" only involves doing that which ensures our own survival and does not do anything to create positive change. We close our eyes and jump off the cliff, trusting that the system will catch us. In reality, the system is using our smashed bodies as coal to fuel its continued existence. Well, so to speak.

We trust that our governments will use tax money wisely. When a story comes out about money "disappearing" we blame it on corruption and then go back to sleep, feeling too impotent to take action against the huge entity of "government" which could do all sorts of things to make our lives unpleasant.

We trust that police will keep us safe. When something bad happens to us and the police let us down, we blame it on the institution. We say that "this is what the world has come to". We do not recognize that we were just as willing to ignore the suffering of another person before our own misfortune. We tend to only spring to action when we are personally affected by some event.

We trust that the manufacturers of the products and foods we buy are doing their best to provide us with the best (and safest) products possible. We hear stories about poisons in products, or forced labour happening somewhere in the production line, but we choose to believe that the suppliers we but from have integrity. When the things we buy break shortly after the warranty expires we don't wonder so much about why that happens - we focus more on buying some awesome new thing to replace it with. We do like to buy new stuff. It makes us feel goooooooood (Conditioned behaviour anyone?).

In order to effect real change we must actually take the steps to do so ourselves. We must be willing to be the change. We must be willing to see past the entities into the reality that it is people running the system, which means that people can change it. If enough people demand change, if enough people support a plausible and practical solution then there will be nothing to stop Heaven from being created here on Earth.