Day 410: This Baby will Fix the World

Somehow, people really care about this baby. I wander what life would be like if every birth was celebrated in this fashion? Well, we'd all be camped outside some poor sod's house pretty much all the time, cheering them on for their act of procreation.

What's so special about this baby? Do you think that it chose this life, and is now absolutely conscious of this choice and the life that lies ahead? Why are some babies thrown into dustbins to starve and die alone and others are worshiped. Literally. The very ideal of royalty is mind boggling. I mean, come on. Our obsession with lineage and bloodlines is really quite ridiculous. How does this make someone worth more than someone else?

This belief in royalty and superior breeding is what makes this crappy world go round. We happily go along with what we are told, buy what we are told, live where we are told, eat what we are told, believe what we are told - all because we don't have the chutzpah to demand equality. We ourselves do not even recognize equality. We look at the "royal families" and believe they are superior. We look at the homeless and believe that they are inferior. Then there is the press and whoever else making a big deal about really weird and not uncommon things, like babies or going on holiday, but doing it in such a way that we actually get exited for the royal person in question. We feel connected. We feel like we are a part of their special, happy life. I dunno. It doesn't make much sense to me.

Apparently Twitter crashed because there were so many people tweeting about the royal birth. What if Twitter crashed for the plight of just one of the species we are annihilating? If people could care that much about making the world a better place then it damn well would be. But no, we go to sit vigil for a baby being born to a group of elitist, economic supremists. You can bet that this baby will grow up being exactly what he is taught to be.

What are the chances that this baby will grow up to be someone who fights for real equality? Pretty close to zero. What are the chances that this baby will grow up and go on to develop and implement changes that will actually positively change the world in a substantial way? Pretty close to zero. What are the chances that this baby is now, and will be rich until his dying day? 99.9999999999999999%. What are the chances that people will fawn over this baby simply because we bestow upon him the title of "royalty"? 99.9999999999999%. What are the chances that people will remain interested in the development and growing up of this baby, over and above what is going on in the world and what can be done to understand and improve all of our circumstances? 99.9999999999999999%

And so, a baby is born and the world keeps turning.