Day 408: Take that, you Stupid Planet!

(CNN) -- Two U.S. military aircraft jettisoned four bombs not far from the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast last week, the U.S. Navy says.
The two Marine planes had to abandon the bombs Tuesday in the national park containing the natural wonder because they were running out of fuel and could not land with the amount of ordnance on board, the Navy said. The two Marine aircraft were launched from a Navy ship, the USS Bonhomme Richard.
Two of the projectiles were explosive bombs that were disarmed before they were dropped. They did not explode, the Navy said.
The other two were inert, or non-explosive bombs, the Navy said.
The pilots chose an area away from the reefs, which contain 400 types of coral. The area was also deep enough to prevent passing ships from running into the bombs, the Navy said.
The reef is home to 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 kinds of mollusks, according to the United Nations' World Heritage Convention.

We have done many things to our home. We have nuked it, bombarded it, spilled toxic wastes, deforested it, dried up rivers, made new rivers, dried up dams, dries up seas, made new dams, pumped gas and smoke into the air, stripped natural habitats to make way for farms to feed our fat ungrateful faces, and a whole lot more. What's four more bombs, right?

What's that saying... You don't shit where you eat. And there's another one... You don't bite the hand that feeds you. Well, we have done both. We do both on a frequent and regular basis. We are most definitely shitting where we eat. Soon it will be impossible to find food that is not contaminated by some or other toxic or dangerous substance. Look at the areas around Fukushima in Japan - they are getting some weird vegetables. Or you may want to consider some older events that caused genetic mutations in babies and cancer in adults, like in Afghanistan where there has been ongoing warfare for years. These are just a few areas, only a few incidents.

How long have we been flinging bombs at each other? Not very long compared to the history of humanity. Let's say that in the last 150 years (just as an estimate) we have discovered, developed and perfected the "art" of bombs on a large scale. The Chinese (obviously) discovered bombing a long time ago, like a millennium ago. So it has taken us this long to really get good at destroying stuff (people included) with bombs. Can you imagine what the next 100 years will bring, how absolutely disastrous our ridiculous bickering will be? And what of all the wonderful toxic chemicals and weird nuclear thingies we have created - how long until it morphs into a giant blob and devours the world?

What will most likely happen first (which is already happening) is an increase in terminal illness like cancer. The next phase will likely involve genetic mutations on a global scale (speaking of scales, I am sure the years to come will produce an increasing number of babies with scales - and weird allergies). We'll be getting pretty worried by this stage (hopefully we're not to brainwashed to recognise our impending doom).  After that we'll all start getting really sick, animals will die, plants will be really weird, water will turn neon pink, fish will grow legs, snakes will start talking English, and we will generally be pretty miserable. And covered in seeping, pussy sores and boils. Yay.

So I really look forward to our future. I am going to start a pool on how long it will take for people to take notice that we're pretty much passed the point of no return. Weird shit is going to go down in our DNA strands. Maybe we'll turn into teenage mutant ninja turtles. Or bigfoot. Who knows.