Day 402: Why did God Create Birth Defects?

What is the purpose of Down's Syndrome?

What is God's plan for Cerebral Palsy?

What is the reason for designing Cleft Palates?

Why create Autism?

Why inflict spina bifida on babies?

God must have very good reason for inflicting so very many different kinds of congenital defects on his creation. Right?

It's not just human babies, genetic abnormalities occur in most (if not all) living organisms. So what made God decide that perfection would be a flaw? If we dare to look into His mysterious ways, will we find an answer?

What did these babies do to deserve their fates? Can we truly say and believe that maybe it was the parents who offended God in some way, and now he is taking out his anger on an innocent child? Or maybe there some kind of reincarnation punishment - a punishment carried out over multiple lives. Does that even count if the original crime is forgotten by the inmate?

There are some things that cannot be justified. Somehow they are. Justifying genetic defects as being part of God's magical plan is just plain ignorant. I suppose the same goes for most religious beliefs, just a collection of reasons to stay blissfully ignorant.

Leaving everything up to God has somehow made us feel like we are absolved of all responsibility. We don't have to care about animals because they are inferior - God says so, God made it this way, just do it. We don't have to live sustainable and with foresight because the end of days are just around the corner - God says so, God made it this way, just do it. We don't have to treat everyone as equals because God says anyone who isn't Christian is inferior - God says so, God made it this way, just do it. We don't have any control over our lives because God does - God says so, God made it this way, just do it.

So I'm just gonna sit here and wait for the man in the clouds to save me. Seriously. There is a man in the clouds. He built me a mansion. Totally.


  1. Right on. The cruelty of keeping children alive to suffer, when we know from the womb that they will be defected and in pain, is only because of a whacked out belief in a god. If people were all Atheists though, in an evolutionary world, why wouldn't we all depend on eugenics to help the species? Our brains are literally de evolving in size, which is highly connected with intelligence. . .but not all of our brains. Small brains/heads are because of your bloodline/race. So if we wanted to select for future high intelligence we would be wise to not encourage some to breed, while helping others out. We cater to the weak though, just because we can afford it, or because we get squeamish not to, but in the end it is neither merciful to the individual or the species when we do this. Welfare is a case of this.


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