Day 399: Just Trying to Survive

There are many ways to earn money - unfortunately it is still not enough to see every household well clothed, fed and educated. Maybe it's not that there are not enough jobs, but more that there is not enough consideration.

We do not consider well enough the impact of our choices - personal, professional, business or political.

We do not wholly consider the feelings, wellbeing or nature of the people, animals and plants we share this life with.

We do not consider well enough the design and implementation of our economic framework.

We do not consider well enough the structure of our educational systems.

We do not consider well enough the nature of our thoughts and minds.

We do not consider well enough the rehabilitation of those who abuse.

Our society is a testament to plans that are not very well thought out. Unfortunately we can't seem to admit to ourselves that we can do better, so we spend our days repeating to ourselves "This is as good as it gets. This is life. This is what it was supposed to be like." Really?

Whomsoever dares to challenge the foundation of our society is branded as a heretic, a crazy person, a loon - for daring to challenge our belief that we cannot be better at the things that matter. Sure, we are quick to believe that we can make better chocolate, food, fashion, movies, make more money - all these little things that impact on a comparatively small scale the life on Earth. Ask us whether our economic principles could be altered so as to stop poverty - madness!

Let me tell you something: Life is not supposed to be like this. Life is not supposed to be a constant struggle. Life is not supposed to be a resigned acceptance of bullying, abuse, exploitation, cheating, lying or otherwise.  Life is not supposed to be filled with justifications or settling for anything less than the best possible life for every living being. Life is supposed to be a gift - why do we not treat it as such?


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