Day 398: Can't Touch this - I is Rich Bitch

A millionaire’s daughter who ploughed into three houses in her BMW convertible while drunk on champagne has been locked up for six months.
‘Arrogant’ Laura Binch, 19, destroyed the fronts of the terrace homes, then told one of the shocked householders: ‘Do you know who my Dad is? He’s rich.’
The teenager, who lives in a ten-bedroom period property and whose father runs a property company, was sent to a young offender’s institution after admitting dangerous driving. - Mail Online

When we look at someone wealthy, what do we think?

"I want to have that much money."

"They can do whatever they want because they have lots of money."

"Their life is better than mine."

"They get everything they want because they have money." 

"Why can't I be rich?"

Money is freedom. Apparently.  We say we are free - it is one of our human rights! Doesn't that mean that we should all have enough money to actually be free? What is freedom if not the ability to choose what to do with our lives?

How many people are stuck in mid-level jobs? How many people are labourers living on the breadline? How many people don't have a job at all? How many people put off going to see the doctor because they don't want to have to spend what little they have on something that "might go away on its own"? How many people women can't afford to have all of their prenatal checkups at an OBGYN? How many people are doing something they hate just because it is the best option for making money? How many people send their children to inferior schools because they can't afford private schools? How many deaths and injuries are caused by manufacturers cutting corners to save on costs?

I want to be free. We all want to be free. I don't want to have to be constrained by my economic position. What would life be like if we all had enough and were in a position to choose how to spend our days? What would life be like if we could actually follow our dreams and passions? What would life be like if we didn't have to depend on some fluke determining whether we win or lose? What would life be like if we were supportive of each other instead of competing against each other?

We would have to teach our children that money is not a privilege. We would have to teach them to respect and honour other people. We would have to teach them to be honest with themselves. We would have to teach them without using competition to motivate them.

We would have to change so much - give up poverty, selfishness, jealousy, envy, judgement, comparison, abuse, superiority, inferiority - is heaven on earth worth losing all that?


  1. Having a lot of money doesn't bring out the best in people as Laura Binch for example clearly shows.
    Having to little money doesn't either.
    What do you say, is there for each person a just amount?

  2. Its about changing the entire social culture that is a best for all approach that utilizes sustainability. The only way to do that is by being truthful and intellectual and responsible. Sigmond Freud told governments that the general public was stupid and fearful much like a herd of animals. His nephew used his intell I hence to manipulate the masses as he consulted corporations to increase their profits through the manipulation of peoples minds. This is totally irresponsible and out of fear we humans digress. If these were Freud's analysisthan he should have been responsible enough to find a cure for the fear and loathing and general llack of education he felt the public suffered from. It is the self proclamation of governments to provide a descent equal and free lifestyle for its people.


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