Day 395: Your Life was just Not Worth it

A hospital’s underfunded neonatal unit was 16 nurses short when a premature baby died, an inquest heard.
Staff were preparing to move Charlotte Jones from Southend University Hospital, Essex, to a specialist care centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, when her lungs gave up and repeated resuscitation attempts failed.
She was born prematurely at 23 weeks, on June 2, 2009. Her twin Alexia lost her fight to life after just 21 hours. - Mail Online

Lack of funding. What an interesting excuse - seeing as how we determine the availability of said funding. We also determine the requirement of funding.

So, at what point will we stand up and demand that life should not be regulated by funding? At what point will we demand that every child has the support that they need? At what point will we demand that the quality of healthcare we receive be only the best? At what point will we demand that each of us be guaranteed a life free from the struggle for survival, always fighting for funding? At what point will we demand adequate nutrition for everyone? At what point will we demand At what point will we demand a basic respect and compassion for each other and all life on Earth?

How much worse does life on Earth need to get? Just look around, things are not getting better. Sure, some things are becoming more convenient, but only for those who can afford it. Happiness and the fulfillment of basic needs should not be determined by funding, or a lack thereof.

We should be able to say with complete honesty in any given situation that we did everything we could. Take the death of the baby in the story above as an example. No one can say that we did everything we could for the baby, as actions were being determined by money and not by a basic regard and value of life.

Money has nullified the concept of life being "priceless". Life is NOT priceless, life has now been assigned a value, but not according to some intrinsic value. Life is now valued based on the status of a person and the monetary worth of a being (like a racehorse). A life is only worth how much money other people can make off of it.

We all want freedom to live life as we choose, to do the things we enjoy with people we care about. How many of us have our freedoms restricted simply because we cannot make enough money to survive as well as do the things we want to do? How many of us have to wait until retirement to do just some of the things we dreamed of? How many of us are stuck in low or mid level jobs where there is no chance for advancement?

This system was not designed to give equal opportunities to all - it was designed to give more opportunities to some and less opportunities to others. What will it take for us to build a new system - a task that is well within our power and abilities? Is it enough to just survive? Are we worthy of life, knowing that such an insignificant thing as money has the power over life and death - a power that we handed over and continue to support?