Day 375: Poison, Everywhere we Look

Household chemicals blamed for everything from cancer to obesity should face stricter controls, leading scientists say.

A declaration signed by almost 89 experts, many of them from the UK, warns the existing regulation of phthalates and bisphenol A is ‘entirely inadequate’.

They say the gender-bending chemicals contribute to ‘high and rising serious levels of disease’ by interfering with key hormones.

Phthalates are found in everything from car dashboards to shower curtains while bisphenol A is used in regular items such as till receipts, tin cans and sunglasses.

Earlier this year, a report from the World Health Organisation declared the chemicals a ‘global threat that needs to be resolved’.

The latest declaration, presented to European Union commissioners, says the increase in many hormone-related illnesses is too great to be explained away by lifestyle and genetics.

Examples given include the ‘dramatic’ rise in breast cancer in eastern and southern Europe, the ‘strong’ rise in prostate cancer in almost all EU countries and the spread of diabetes and obesity.

The signatories of the 2013 Berlaymont Declaration, including many from London’s Brunel University, says EU members must subject these chemicals to more stringent testing.

The argue that some damage may be permanent, yet cheap and effective tests exist but are not used.

They also warn that for some chemicals, there may be no safe level of exposure and say that the existing regulations are ‘entirely inadequate. - Mail Online

Manufacturers don't care about the health and wellbeing of humanity - this much has been shown to be abundantly clear through their actions and lies of omission. Dangerous chemicals are allowed in the products we all regularly buy and use, dangerous chemicals are disposed of into rivers, lakes, oceans and holes in the ground - all to save money.

Corporations and businesses in general have taken on lives and persona's of their own - they all have the following trait in common: money. They all put the making and saving of money and profit above everything else, including those who are apparently "in charge of" these businesses - as if the CEO's would be treated any differently than any other person.

Governments are equally as uncaring - they make no real effort to regulate those chemicals and practices that are unsafe and harmful. The actions of humans indicate that no one is aware of the requirement of a safe environment in order to survive - you'd think we wouldn't want to poison our own home - but, there you have it.

And what of the rest of us who sit back complacently, not a care in the world while we let the few with ambition drive the world and all our lives with it to obliteration? Shall we declare ourselves to be free from blame, so that we may continue telling ourselves that we're good people? We are like a flock of sheep, only moving in the direction which we are herded toward with no sense of self movement of our own. A gate is opened for us by the media, or by our schools, or by the economy - and we rush toward it without a single thought. There are some who claim to be apart from the flock, independent - but they are not truly free thinkers, for their thoughts too are shaped by their environments, and to break free of that is no simple feat. It's like in the matrix movie, the system allows the resistance to exist, but only to enhance the functionality of the system. The resistance is part of the structure...

Conspiracy theorists, alien hunters, spirituals, psychics, rebels, activists - they are just the exception that proves the rule. Nothing they do or have done is of any consequence in improving the world - they were not meant to make any difference, yet continue to believe that they do on some magical, intangible level.