Day 371: Will Bieber Fever turn Children into Animal Abusers?

So, Justin Bieber adopted a baby monkey and then took the little thing with him to the other side of the world as his touring companion. The monkey was too young to be separated from its mother. When Justin tried to get the little guy through customs in Munich, he was seized by customs officials.

Mally was seized by German customs March 28 when Bieber failed to produce required vaccination and import papers after landing in Munich while on tour. [Full article]

Half the world (ok maybe more like one fifth of the world) has this affliction called "Bieber Fever", the most commonly afflicted are young teen girls (I suppose the boys may not readily admit their status as being positive). So basically, an entire generation of youngsters in westernised countries is looking up to this pop sensation, wanting to be like him, close to him - but what if he's not as magical as everyone thinks he is? What if this mysterious "Bieber Fever" is confusing and confounding young minds across the globe so that those who are afflicted do not see what is really happening, only what Justin (or some other player in the game) wants them to see?

My list of evidence:
  • His music is terrible. It promotes the dumbing down and sexing up of humans, as well as promoting girls to be sex toys for boys to play with. There is nothing useful or in the least part helpful in his music. 
  • His clothes. Obviously he cares about fashion and his appearance. So many do. What the hell is fashion compared to world hunger? Not that this is personally directed at Justin, it is simply an observation that he is more interested in participating in the fashion industry than in sustainable, global solutions to our global problems.
  • His actions. I don't see why famous people must be so carelessly obsessed with including animals in their trends. Animals are not objects to be used and discarded once they have outlived their use. Justin is a role model and his actions will be echoed in the generation of youngsters so eager to emulate him now. 
  • He uses his name to promote himself. 
  • He has not said or done anything of consequence. He acts only in self interest.
Watch and see: our children will show us exactly why Bieber Fever is so not a good thing.