Day 364: Political Animals

A rare white tiger that has appeared at rallies during Pakistan's election season has died of dehydration.
The tiger, a mascot of the conservative Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party, often appeared at events led by the party chief's daughter Maryam Nawaz.
It fell unconscious and was taken to the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Lahore on Tuesday night.
But vets could not save the animal, which belonged to a party worker, and it died yesterday morning.
Live tigers and lions are a familiar sight to those at PML-N's rallies. Last week a complaint was made to the Election Commission but it said the matter did not fall under its remit, reports Dawn.
The World Wide Fund for Nature said white tigers are extremely sensitive to heat and noise and that the animal could not cope with Lahore's 30C heat and the noise of the rallies.
The WWF said it is supporting a petition by actor and conservationist Faryal Gohar at the Lahore High Court against the illegal use of wild animals at rallies. - Mail Online

I wonder: who was the first person to come up with the idea of live animal mascots? For what possible reason would someone want to parade an animal around? I'll tell you: money and power (ie money).

Politicians get themselves some mascots so that they can increase their popularity, 'cos the plebs love them some live animals. So, the politicians parade animals and the people jump with joy and entertainment as the spectacle brightening their otherwise dull and dreary lives of doing the same things over and over just to survive.

So what happens when the animal mascot dies from all of the parading it is forced to do? I suppose the political party who done it may lose some voters - some because they now suddenly think that the party is a bunch of animal abusers, or simply because they are no longer being entertained.

So, this is done all in the name of money, fame, glory, power and all that jazz. Obviously the animal has no say in the matter and even if it did, its tongue would probably be conveniently removed in some "accident" so that it could no longer have a say. Who cares anyway? Not the politicians. Not the voters. Not the (majority) non-voters either, apparently. Out of 7 billion people in the world, a few thousand may try to speak for the animals. Out of that few thousand, a few hundred may actually be willing to do something to actually change things - unfortunately, they seldom develop or come across any real kind of solution.

What animal mascots shows us about ourselves is that we have no concern, compassion or respect for other beings. We are more than willing to use and abuse others in order to suit our own purpose. We are willing to force another being into a life of slavery and servitude, at the same time we will cry out and shame the name of slavery. We refuse to place ourselves in the shoes of another. We don't really care about the suffering that other beings endure, we will only act when our own interests are at stake.