Day 352: One in Boston, One Thousand Everywhere Else

One bomb attack in Boston...

Brings "the world" to it's knees in tears.

One bomb in Afghanistan...

Gets a courtesy news article.

Two rockets land in Isreal...

The world calls it inevitable.

Four blasts in Iraq...

The world blames Bush.

These are the front page news stories on CNN. He who controls the press controls the masses, it seems. Boston's bomb gets headline status for days, promoting the event and demanding justice, but the bomb and explosive attacks in other countries which happen at a much higher frequency get minimal coverage. Yes, the readers also determine the stories that are highlighted - and the readers have indicated that the conflicts in any place that's not USA or EU are plain old boring, since those savages have and always will be tearing out each others' throats.

If the conflicts in other parts of the world received half as much attention and outrage as the attacks made on USA, then we could safely assume that far greater measures would have been taken in order to minimize and prevent further conflicts. The world's leaders must, of course, give the people what they want in order to remain in favour.

There are attacks in some parts of the world almost every day. What is done about this? Nothing substantial - only token support is shown in order to placate the guilt-ridden middle classes. Why is America so much more important than the Congo, or Iraq? Why is the life of one citizen valued differently to another? Why is one attack seen as more horrific than another?

Imagine if America had some catastrophic event that had casualties similar to the crisis in Syria - would the global community's reaction be identical to the reaction to Syria's crisis?

What do you suppose will happen now? How will USA react? Perhaps it will come one step closer to instituting martial law. Who benefits from these attacks? There will always be someone who benefits. What happens with the state of mind of the American and global citizens? How will their state of mind influence how they live?

There are some hard questions that must be asked if we are to understand the way our society is actually functioning - so that we can stop the abuse and implement solutions that will benefit all life forms.