Day 336: It's Not That We're Lazy...

We're just not motivated enough to change the world.

It is a picture which reveals the desperation of Britain's growing population of unemployed - thousands of job seekers standing outside a hotel for the chance of finding employment.

Long queues started to build two hours before the jobs fair at the Solent Hotel, in Whiteley, Hampshire, got under way, drawing in people from all walks off life clutching CVs and laptops in a bid to make the right impression.

The turn-out was so strong a one-in, one-out policy was enforced, as an estimated 4,000 would-be workers tried to land employment the new shopping centre. - Mail Online

We are a resourceful lot. We can find ways to survive in unforgiving extremes; we push our bodies to their limit just to prove that we can; we queue for new gadgets for hours and sometimes days; we queue for our divas too; we think of new and interesting reasons to hate each other; we think of new and innovative ways to kill each other; we make our food production as streamlined and effective as possible so as to maximise profit; we can hold on to a grudge for generations with enough zest to still want to murder the "guilty" party; we refuse to acknowledge the suffering or even existence of about half of the human population and only about 0.5% of the animal and plant population.

We have proven over and over that any of us are capable of doing and overcoming extreme conditions and tasks in order to satisfy some kind of motivation within us. We will wake up super early just to make sure we avoid the inconvenience of standing in a queue all day.

So why the hell don't we use our innovation, dedication or motivation to change the world for the better? Why, because we only act when our own interests are invested.

Consider the activists and human rights fighters and crime fighters - most of them had a personal experience of whatever they're fighting against - what's that saying, "you only care when that something happens to you"?

So now we all go through our lives, hoping that none of those terrible things ever happens to us, while at the same time placing an absurd trust in some invisible force to come along and fix the world. We are more than capable of doing it ourselves - and realistically, no miracle is going to come and get us out of this mess. We made our bed, now we must get the fuck out, burn it and make a better one.