Day 330: Mob Madness

How many times in our long, sad history has a leader of the people been strung up by a mob, lynched, beaten, murdered or crucified? Consider the case of Jesus: he proposed a new way of living that would diminish the power and control of the ruling elite. What happened? He was harassed by a mob and crucified.

How often does it happen that spiritual or political leaders who promote human rights are murdered or assassinated? Any time a leader rises with the intention of empowering the masses, you can be sure of assassination plots.

So why is it that evil people are left to rule the world in peace while those who really try to make a difference are murdered without much of a reaction form the people? You'd think that the murder of a leader like Martin Luther King would have lasting effects, but other than the race riots, segregation and separation is still rampant all across the globe. Sure, it's not racial segregation so much as it is economic segregation, but the ideal of equality that was taught by these great leaders seems to have been lost in translation.

I see a similar phenomenon developing around the message of Equal Money. When Equal Money suggests Equality, the mob alleges totalitarian-communist ideology. When Equal Money shows how we are not free because we are always bound by money, the mob claims that money is in fact the key to freedom (which is what EMS said, just in different words. When Equal Money suggests that money not control our freedom and that freedom is a basic human right, the mob reacts by not wanting to give up the apparent freedom they have right now and to hell with the hobo's out in the cold. When Equal Money states that abuse of life should not be tolerated, the mob cries restriction of freedom. When Equal Money suggests that people like Hitler are simply products of society and that they must be forgiven in order for us all to move forward with an understanding of how to prevent such people and events from developing again, the mob screeches "Nazi's" and antisemitism! When Equal Money suggests that one investigate all things before determining what it is that is best for all, the Mob cries out "they're brainwashed!"

If it wasn't so tragic it would be amusing. The mob accuses Equal Money of everything it is not and refuses to recognise what Equal Money is and what it does stand for. Are we doomed to see history repeat? Will Equal Money be ostracized by the mob for teaching the same messages as Jesus: love thy neighbour as thyself ; give as you would like to receive; and do unto another as you would like done unto you?