Day 324: They Took My Freedom!

People are obsessed with the idea of freedom and free choice - unfortunately they are obsessed with the definition of freedom being that people can do whatever they want regardless of the consequences and that money is the key to all acts of freedom. Is this really what freedom is? Actions based on self interest and self regard only?

Every other person reacts with the same barrage of shocked and appalled responses: "What about my rights?!"; "What does that mean 'best for all'?! It sounds like a plan to indoctrinate and control people!"; "What about the people who are too lazy to contribute to society, why should they get the same rights and stuff as someone who works hard?!?"; "You're going to force people to comply, aren't you!?!"; "Your idea is stupid and will never work!"; "Your mother is a crack whore and you should die!"; "Nazis!"; "Cult!"; "What about the people who don't agree? There will always be people who don't agree.".

Look at our media: on TV, radio, magazines and every other platform we reassure ourselves that we are good people, we are worthy of life, we should enjoy it, we should show our gratitude by living, we should focus on ourselves - it's shoved into our brains from all angles all the time. We only know how to think about ourselves. This means that as soon as someone says "What about other people?" we react in all sorts of ways, and hardly ever in a way that drives a desire to make a substantial change. Most of our reactions come as guilt, judgement, anger, ignorance, justification - always trying to keep the focus on ourselves. It seems to be a rare thing in this day and age to find a person who truly considers what it would be like to walk in another's shoes - we're all too busy trying on our own shoes and commenting on their trendy amazingness.

Some people link Equal Money to a totalitarian regime. That makes me laugh. As if the only way that heaven on earth can be brought about is through force and coercion, the only way people will stop abusing is through control, or  the only way a democracy can work is if the minority gets royally screwed.

Obviously the problem is that we try to look at possible solutions being applied and implemented the way things are applied and implemented now - which is a balls up. An Equal Money System can only work if it has been democratically chosen - it can and never will work if it's forced. The idea that an EMS automatically means concentration camps or brainwashing camps or whatever is simply absurd. EMS is based on principles more than anything else, principles of equality, sharing, love thy neighbour as thyself, forgiveness, community, give as you would like to receive, do unto another as you would like done unto you, protecting those who are unable to protect themselves, an end to war, an end to poverty and an end to abuse - to name a few. How does any person link these principles to brainwashing, internment, coercion, force and bullying?

It just goes to show that any excuse will do to not have to change - because change is scary, it forces us to acknowledge that we were wrong, it forces us to see ourselves in the light of all the horrors we have allowed.