Day 321: Welcome To Equal Money

What needs to change in our world?

All children should receive a quality education that is practical in terms of day-to-day living and in contributing to society.
Every life form requires food, clean water and a safe place to call home.
Every person needs a comfortable place to live.
Every being should be free from abuse and exploitation.
Our environment and planet needs to be maintained in order to ensure a safe and sustainable future.
Our messes need to be cleaned up.
Life should be the highest possible value so that money can no longer determine whether we live or die.
We should do unto others what we would like to be done unto us if we were in their place.
We should love each other as family and not define ourselves and each other in such a way that we create separation that leads to conflict.
The elderly should be guaranteed decent care without abuse or neglect.
Animals should be guaranteed decent care without abuse or neglect.
Children should be guaranteed decent care without abuse or neglect.
Our government should focus on doing only what is best for all and not on enriching themselves.
No one should profit from another's pain, be they man or beast.
Poverty should not exist - especially not when some live in extravagant luxury.
Every person should be free and able to do what they enjoy, so long as it does not harm another.
The food industry should be based on discovering and then providing the best possible support without profit as the driving force.
The medical industry should not be an industry - it should be a guaranteed right to every person.
Prevention is the best cure: unbiased research needs to be done to find out what really is best in terms of food, lifestyle, exercise, posture etc.
Every person should have the opportunity to express and discover themselves - not just those with money.
Every person should be able to vote on any and every issue - a true democracy.
Profit should not be the driving force of our lives - life should be.

These are the things we want to change. This is what we stand for.

Equal Money is a complete solution that addresses each and every issue in our world.

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