Day 317: The Lunacy Of Psychology

Psychology is a strange profession. I am including psychiatry in my meaning of the word psychology for this blog, just by the way.

There are many theories involved in Psychology, no certainties. All of these theories are applicable to some scenarios, but not to others. There are theories about causes, functioning, development, prognosis, abnormal functioning - everything to do with the structure, design and manifestations of the human psyche is made up only of the theories of a handful of highly educated people. By highly educated, I of course mean that these people have spent their entire lives in a world they don't understand, trying to decipher their own and others' existence without full understanding of how anything really works. I suppose we cannot hold it against them - they knew not what they were doing.

Because every person who delved into the world of Psychology was looking at everything from a - shall we say, limiting - view point, the resulting theories and assumptions are based on incomplete and sometimes deeply flawed knowledge and understanding. This obviously means that nothing that any psychologist has ever said can be trusted - simply because they were simply following their preprogrammed design. The system guides us all very well to live in a certain way, believe certain things, like certain things, dislike certain things...

There are occasional glimmers of potential in these theories. For example, there is a school of thought within psychology that we are the products of our environments - which actually makes sense without having to justify and logickify. Unfortunately, it is surrounded by a load of dribble as well and seems to focus on using this concept to enlighten and improve on the lives of the well-off - it does not even go anywhere close to developing solutions to the obvious social dementia that is going on in the world (rape, murder, profit over life - you know, the things we now, through generations of conditioning, believe are simply a part of life that cannot be changed).

Currently, most psychologists agree that abnormal behaviour (craziness) is the product of multiple factors and not just one, as was previously believed. So now, there are a bunch of theories that propose that a combination of this, that and that produces a crazy person. All that this shows us is that psychologists have absolutely no clue how and why human behaviour develops the way it does. Psychology textbooks are filled with if's and show no comprehension, or even curiosity as to how the human mind really works. Opinions matter more to psychologists than the truth.

If Psychology was valid, there would be no disagreement over treatment methods. If Psychology was valid there would be a consensus among psychologists as to how human behaviour develops. If Psychology was valid then it would be a priority to find out how the human mind works and how to correct abusive or "abnormal" behaviour. If Psychology was valid, there would be only one school of thought: the truth.