Day 316: Prince And The Pauper

Why does poverty exist in this day an age?

It is difficult to find an adequate answer to this question, seeing as how we have now apparently cured HIV, put a vehicle on Mars, found a way to sideways drill commodities from the Earth, designed bendy cellphones that are not so much for phoning as they are for absolutely everything else, shoes made from diamonds, dresses made from meat, cloning sheep, fertilizing pensioners, invented Lamborghini's, danced Gangnam style all over the world, made a wetsuit for horses and all those other amazing things we do for a bit of profit.

Did you hear of the teenage boy who invented a way to screen for early stage cancer? If he could do it, then why not all the scientists apparently working on cancer for how long now..?

We will idolize and deify teenage boys because they just happened to get enough marketing, but we can't be bothered to think of how to make life a decent experience for all those who are born (or bred, or spawned, or that sprout, or hatch...)

We will pay a small fortune for someone (a so-called expert) to carve up our bodies so that we look less like ourselves and more like other people because we can't bear to be independent and responsible people - but we couldn't be bothered about finding a way to feed every child.

We prance around in odd coloured and shaped clothing and call it fashion and profess its import, yet we will not work to ensure every person is dressed adequately to protect from the elements.

We build huge houses we have no intention of inhabiting or even utilizing fully - we just like how they look and how they make us feel - but we won't build even the most modest of structures to ensure everyone's comfort and safety.

We tell ourselves that we each have our roles to play. This way we don't feel so guilty for being happy when most are suffering. The thing is that we treat those in different roles differently to those from our own role, believing that some are more valuable while others are less so. I wonder what would happen if the so called lower class roles were to suddenly be stopped? Would those in the higher roles be able to continue, or would it indicate a codependency?