Day 315: Why No Beliebers For Heaven On Earth?

A teenager was bombarded with abuse and threats by jealous Justin Bieber fans after capturing the Canadian popstar’s attention on Twitter.
Courtney Barrasford, 15, had posted a glowing review of his album,  Believe Acoustic, on the social  networking site.
Much to her surprise, a flattered Bieber reposted her message for his 34million followers – known as Beliebers – to see.
Courtney, from Portsmouth, wrote: ‘Not really a fan of Justin Bieber but his acoustic album is really good!’
Bieber’s fans were less than impressed that she had attracted their idol’s attention.
Courtney was inundated with hate-filled messages, some telling her to kill herself and calling her vile names.
Bitter fans even circulated rumours she was pregnant with 19-year-old Bieber’s child. One girl, claiming to be a 12-year-old fan from the US, wrote: ‘Just tell her to die and leave Justin alone.’
Another said: ‘I am a Belieber of him since 2009 and he didn’t notice me. And you’re not even a f****** fan. You get noticed. OMG.’
A tweet to Bieber said: ‘U notice her n she’s not even a fan. I am but you won’t notice me :) Can anyone hear me crying?’ - Mail Online

I have a question: How can so many people care so deeply about one person, but give no shit for the welfare of the billions of people who suffer, or for the trillions and trillions of animals who suffer?


Our priorities as a species are seriously twisted. I cannot begin to fashion my disbelief and contempt into coherent sentences. I would just end up rambling and screaming and crying and pulling my hair out.

We wake up in the morning and think "how can I make my life better?". Other people wake up in the morning and think "What will I give to my children to eat today. I have no money.". Many animals wake up and pray for death to take them so as to escape the lifelong torture humans inflict upon them.

We live like there is no tomorrow. We care only about our immediate desires. Like children, wailing and throwing tantrums for a new toy. We decimate the environment and lay waste to that which has existed for eons in harmony so that we can profit from it in some way. We tear down forests to plant only palm trees, or soya beans - killing everything that once lived there. Imagine being one of these animals whose home is ripped away by a monstrous and foreign machine.

We watch movies like Avatar and connect with the message emotionally, but why do we not see that that is precisely what is happening right here in our world, right now? Animals are having their homes destroyed so that humans can profit. We all think of ourselves as kind and compassionate people - but don't take any real action to stop the abuse that is perpetrated. We say "Oh no! That's terrible! They should stop cutting down those lovely rainforests. Pass the salt please dear."

It's like offering a token of pity to a homeless person, or to a beggar child. The token coin you offer will make no difference to their lives or prospects, but at least it makes you feel better about yourself, validating your idea of yourself as an altruistic and good person.

We have the power, the resources and the innovative ability to change the world to be a pleasant place for all of us here - we simply choose not to. What does this say about out nature?