Day 313: Alcohol: The Spirit Of Brutality

We can all agree that people do terrible things while they are drunk - how is it then that alcohol is defended so strongly? Alcohol is the cause of more abuse and death than any other drug, so why is it not illegal? Does alcohol contribute to our lives and to society in general in a productive, or destructive manner? How many low income families suffer because of one or more family member drinking alcohol excessively - and considering this, would it really help making alcohol more expensive? Or would that only lead to more of the family's income going toward supporting alcohol dependency?

Some countries and political leaders suggest increasing the price of alcohol in an effort to decrease "alcohol abuse" - but for those who drink because they simply don't know how not to, or because they would rather not be lucid, would this not be more of a burden on their finances? What governments and politicians do not consider is why people abuse alcohol in the first place and why alcohol, being as destructive as it is, has become such an accepted and even valued part of our lives.

People who have low incomes turn to alcohol because, in part, they do not feel valued by society - because they aren't. Our society values only those who have some kind of monetary value, and if our society does not value us then we will not value ourselves. Those of us who have never lived in a low income situation with no hopes of change often wonder how people can diminish themselves to live in such squalor - they feel as if they have no worth, no reason for living and as if they are just existing within a constant state of survival mode - would you not also turn to drink and drugs in an attempt to escape?

So for how long will we diminish the value and worth of others for the sake of our own personal gain? The solution lies within changing the system, not trying to stop the symptoms - other symptoms will simply manifest.

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