Day 311: Feel Good Nation

What is the purpose of psychology?
Why does it exist?
How did it come to exist?
Is it truly a product of our curiosity - or of something else entirely...?

If we look at how psychology works - the theories used, the methods used, the types of people interested in it - we will see an interesting thing: psychology very rarely truly supports people. Before I elaborate, I must set the parameters for what I mean by the word "support".
  • Support: To aid in bringing about that which is best for a being 
 Everything about psychology is about justifying that which we accept as human nature - it encourages us to feel good about ourselves, even when we commit atrocities. It's all about removing shame from our lives, so that we can more fully enjoy that which we have (that which most others do not have) - 'cos let's face it, if we can afford psychology, then we are the Haves and not the Have-nots.

Psychology is all about keeping us existing within our little illusory worlds, because the goal of psychology is to make money and not to make a difference. Psychology depends on making rich people feel good, because people don't want to pay lots of money to feel ashamed for the world they allow to exist - people want the illusion that everything is fine and that it's ok to be selfish and self involved because that is apparently in our nature and cannot be changed. Apparently.

So we go to psychologists to talk about our problems and be the center of attention for a while and we like it - we feel good. The psychologist will then proceed to tell us that it is ok to be as we are and may offer some exercise for us to do to develop some weird inner force or confidence or something. We will then go home, thinking more about our problems and how we now can suppress them away, or exercise them away, or divert attention from them. Next week, we're back at the same place, seeking approval and acceptance from some person in order to validate who we are - because if no one validates us, then our life was worthless and meaningless and maybe we did it wrong.

The only way we should be able to live life wrong is by allowing abuse to exist. Psychology is just another tool to keep people distracted and complacent, while the world is plundered and pillaged and our bodies and homes are poisoned by the very air we breathe. If psychology really wanted to help people, it would have been designed differently, in a way that shows people exactly why and how they are who they are - and how to change themselves. Theories are not acceptable - simply because they leave room for abuse to shoulder its way in and impose itself upon unsuspecting beings, causing them to value opinion more than common sense.