Day 307: Do We Really Know What Our Medications Will Do?

An acne pill banned in parts of Europe has been linked to the deaths of seven British women.
Dianette is still prescribed to thousands of women in the UK for severe skin conditions. Yet an investigation has been launched in France after four women who took it died.
The latest data from the UK’s medicines regulator reveals that during the past three years, seven women in the UK have died while taking the drug, and there have been 83 reports of suspected side effects such as depression and hair loss.
Dianette, which is prescribed only to women because of the hormones it contains, is known to increase the risk of blood clots. However, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has insisted it has ‘no new concerns’ and that women should continue taking it.
Six of the deaths were attributed to blood clots or other vein blockages and one was as a result of a fall. None of the deaths or side effects has been directly attributed to the drug, but all have been reported to the MHRA through  its ‘yellow card’ scheme, which allows doctors and patients to record suspected drug reactions.
Last month, regulators in France, where the pill is also prescribed as a contraceptive, announced they were suspending the use of Dianette after data linked it to the deaths. The European Medicines Agency, which regulates medicines across Europe, has also launched a review of its safety.
Charlotte Porter, 17, died in March 2010 of a deep-vein thrombosis after taking Dianette for acne. - Mail Online

Do we really know all of the side effects of all of the drugs we take that have been declared as "safe"? We hear whispers of "rare cases" where medication kills or maims a person in some arbitrary fashion, but are we really aware of the reality? We hardly know a thing about how the human body functions and here we are, playing around with drugs intended to alter our physiology in a small or large way.

We don't really know what drugs do to us - in the short term or in the long run. 90% of the horror stories of "severe and rare reactions" to drugs are never publicized, so we never hear about them - but those are still the most obvious of the side effects. What about the side effects that take years, or decades to manifest? What about the side effects that will affect our future generations? What about the side effects that will influence nature or animals in some way?

There are some documentaries and organizations that try to expose some of these not yet widely realized side effects, but no one is interested in hearing about how the contraceptive pill and other hormone containing drugs are influencing the fish living in rivers and dams that have sewage fed into them by making the fish smaller and more feminine, therefore influencing their fertility and ability to procreate.

How arrogant we are, that we dare play at being gods without even fully understanding what kind of consequences we will manifest through such actions. We do not even care - because, let's face it, we know that what we are doing is detrimental to ourselves, our children, nature and animals. Any kind of medication that has any kind of possible side effect is reckless and simply irresponsible - never mind the medications that list death as a possible side effect.

The other thing that we all know, but choose not to act on, is that all the regulating bodies of medicine are run or funded by the big head pharmaceutical guys. How much more conflict of interest could possibly happen in one topic?

I wonder what we will say when we realize our immense stupidity: "Oops, my bad!", or maybe "We'd better make some new drugs that counteract the effects of the old drugs"? We can be quite certain that we will keep in character by remaining willfully ignorant of our own sense of responsibility and will point all sorts of fingers at all sorts of people/companies/monkeys/governments and so on.