Day 304: 3 Sisters Lured With Food To Hell

Three young sisters from a small Indian village have been raped and murdered before their bodies were thrown into a well, it has emerged.
The three girls - aged 11, nine and six - went missing on Valentine's Day from their impoverished home village of Murmadi in Lakhni tehsil after finishing school.
Their bodies were found four days later in a well near their hometown in the Bhandara district - which is located just 65kms from the city of Nagpur.
It is alleged that the three sisters - who lived in abject poverty - were lured away by a stranger with the promise of food.
The sisters' father died four years ago and the family struggles to get by on the lowly wage earned by their mother as a labourer.
Villagers have already criticised the police handling of the case - claiming they tried to pass off the deaths as an accident.
Union Minister Praful Patel, who represents Maharashtra in parliament, visited the mother of the three girls at her home.
He told NDTV: 'As a father of three daughters, I am appalled at the atrocity committed on these girls. I have raised the matter with the chief minister to ensure financial assistance to the widow, speedy investigation and a fast track trial of the accused.'
Mr Patel had urged chief minister Prithviraj Chavan to provide special financial aid to the widow, the Times Of India reports.
Five large investigation teams have been formed to find the culprit and a reward has been offered for any information leading to an arrest of 50,000 rupees - the equivalent of just under £600.
Some workers on the minimum wage in India earn as little as £35 a month. But many don't any receive that.- MailOnline

Imagine a world in which stories such as this one are unheard of - a world in which such stories are simply unimaginable. Imagine a world that has no poverty, no abuse, no cruelty, no assaults or rapes. Imagine a world in which every child is safe and free to simply enjoy being a child and where every parent is content to leave their kids to play outside without fear of some tragedy befalling them. Imagine a world in which we do not have to bow and scrape to those who have money in the hopes that they will give us some and therefore supply us with the ability to survive.

For us from the Equal Money team, we want to make these fantasies a reality. We want to give everyone the chance to live a life of worth. We propose Equal Money as a solution because there has been no other solution proposed that would effectively solve all global issues. We offer a solution where there is none. No one else has offered any kind of solution, but everyone is quite willing to tear down ours for no other reason other than "it irritates them", or "they don't like it", or "it would inconvenience them". You know, if there is any other solution that would solve all problems without creating new ones, then let's hear it.

What other economic (or social, for that matter) system is based upon the teaching of our spiritual prophets? Give unto another as you would like to receive; do unto another as you would want done unto you; love thy neighbour as thy brother.