Day 291: Suicidal Imbeciles We Are

This is a continuation from my previous post: Killer Superbugs On The Loose

So, it seems as if a bunch of miniscule, oddly-shaped blobs of gooey stuff may bring about the doom of the human race. I can't say that I would prefer to die in that manner; but alas, seldom do we have a choice in the manner of our death. Then again, there is still hope for a giant asteroid.

We are most certainly doing everything in our power to ensure that our reign over the Earth is short-lived and brutal - why should we not expect for our end to be the direct result of our own actions? Our medical industry cares more for profit and high patient output than it does for healthcare and shows this by allowing incompetent staff to hand out drugs willy-nilly without proper consideration of the consequences. What will we do when even the common cold becomes deadly? Let me tell you: we will die.

There are so many different ways we can kill ourselves, it seems like we are testing each one of them on many levels:
  • Environmental poisoning: we're coming along quite well, having contaminated most water above the ground and very much below as well with all sorts of toxic and nasty waste (nuclear included, obviously). We have also managed to spread nuclear waste above and below ground in many areas of the planet, so we can expect to see many more birth deformities and special children. Obviously this all leaks into our food supply (of course such a large proportion of these wastes came directly from the food industry) and we can expect to see even more lovely changes in future generations. We most definitely should not forget gases, fumes and smoke - these contribute greatly to all the lovely smog wee see in so many large, inhabited areas. Don't you just love going outside and breathing all those smog particles deep into your lungs? Heavenly. 

  • Healthcare tampering: Making bugs immune to our one and only treatment is a great plan - this way we can ensure that the bacteria become big and strong. We are so proud. As well as that, we make sure that doctors don't learn all that much about how the body really works, only about what drugs mask what symptoms. Doctors shouldn't worry about prevention - it's te cure that makes us rich. 
  • Education rationing: If we make sure that kids learn absolutely nothing useful in school, we ensure that it will be that much harder for them to then grow up to be responsible and independent adults. We'll just keep throwing gadgets at them so that they don't even know how real life really works, they'll be too consumed with their dragon slaying and combo moves on their I-Jangle things.
  • Lots of wars: In the name of patriotism, we'll send off all the young, strong lads to get their minds addled by war-atrocities so that they return as non-functioning adults. That and we like to drop bombs on all sorts of things.

But let's not dwindle on such dark topics - think rather about picnics and butterflies - I assure you, your time to enjoy them is very limited, so do enjoy them while the air is still breathable. And in any case, I am sure we will find a way to survive, and profit off of, the destruction of the planet. We are very resourceful when it comes to money...