Day 264: Life In The Dark Ages

Every now and then we are reminded of our smallness in the world, of our insignificance against the forces and might of the planet and all her servants. What are our houses to the wind but structures and obstacles to be overcome, either by sheer force or by the willingness to deviate from its chosen path and direction? What are our power lines to the falling tree, unable to stand against the strength of the elements? What are our vehicles to the glory of the elements and whims of the weather, but things to be tossed, flooded or crushed?

We have all been seeing quite clearly how helpless we are in the face of nature's wrath - we do not stand a chance. We balk at the idea of a few hours without running water, internet, electricity - yet how often do we even consider those people who live every day without these luxuries we take for granted. Even having clean water to drink is more than many people have.

What parts of our lives would change if we were to have to live without electricity? Practically every part. What parts of ourselves would change in a life without electricity? To what extent does our nature rely on electricity and all of the niceties it affords us? Would we be different if electricity was suddenly removed from our lives? Would it change who we are on a day-to-day basis?

Are the recent natural disasters and oddities a warning from the Earth that our current path will lead to a mass extinction event? Will our greed for luxuries be the end of us as a species? How long until the planet is miffed enough to wipe us all out?

The question that really bothers me is whether we will heed Earth's warning and change our ways before we doom us all. I, for one, would like to live a productive and happy life - I just don't see how that is guaranteed for myself or for anyone else in our current system. How could anyone think of bringing a child into this life when our future is so precarious, thanks to our own selfish and short-sighted actions.

Our system was designed to function according to greed - the greedy help the greedy to ensure that their circle of life continues. Why aren't there more people who are willing to recognise that there is a problem with our society? Those of us who do are often ostracized and bullied. Apparently wanting a better life for all people and for our children to come is simply "ridiculous" and those who dare to advocate for basic rights being guaranteed to all life are somehow "living in the dark."